“Grandfather of the Santa Claus” – He must as the only Fan in the stadium mind games in the world – yet for US Americans, not from his Team to cheer. Quite legal. 0 comment all alone in the stadium, Kerry Maher and his Team will remain faithful. KBO/MBC Sports

The Koreans are crazy about him. You will not find his appearance so imposing, that you will see in him only the Nicholas personally, no, Kerry Maher is in the far East at all, “Santas Grandfather”. Alternatively, it is also “grandfather Lotte” or “KFC grandfather’s”, in reference to the American Fast-Food chain. Just something with a grandfather, it must be so impressive Maher’s white beard.

In Busan, a large city in the Southeast of the country, Maher has become a minor celebrity. Everything he do had to shave: and at every baseball game of the Lotte Giants show up. Fans of the club but also Fans of him before and after every game, he is posing for Selfies. Once when he was in his home, in the USA, and asked him to South Korean tourists for a photo. “What the hell is going on here?” asks his brother who is with him. But Kerry can do. Only one rule he has, more recently, and forced masses: Wearing a no mask, there is no picture.

at the moment, but, since the 65 stroll-Year-old anyway mostly alone Saijk stadium to watch matches. Of course, the Coronavirus. In the South Korea baseball League KBO will be played without spectators. But to let you in: Maher, the Superfan of the Giants, has made it now even on the payroll of the club. His Job: He is to make his country men, comming to South Korea, with the life and the customs of the country.

And so is Maher a week sitting for a week in the 27’000-seat stadium on the same place as always. Players greet him, also the opponent’s, he can hear every word. “I sit here all alone,” he said of the U.S. sports broadcaster ESPN, “it is a strange experience.” Maher saw in the last five years, around 120 games for the Lotte Giants, at home and abroad.

His Size was in shop not available

Actually, it had tasted Maher once as an actor. The Internet Movie Database find him in five films, once he had the role of the bartender, even a Doorman. And, in his last appearance in 2006, he was simply the nameless “man”. After all: In the Film “Welcome to Welville” he was next to Anthony Hopkins to.

Maher gave the actors, and in 2008 he competed in Ulsan for a job as a primary school teacher. Three years later, he was a Professor and visited with a class a Baseball game. He was pleased with the energy in the stadium was quite different than in the American Major League Baseball. To ESPN he says: “The MLB is like an Opera, KBO is Rock ‘n’ Roll.” Maher began to put his working hours so that he could see every game. Just something he had a suitable Merchandise to support his Team. His Size it was in the fan shop.

Maher knew how to help, and appeared in a Tenü of the San Francisco Giants in the Play. So, at least, was the inscription “to see the Giants”. Had noticed it long ago, this giant with a white Beard in the middle of the South Koreans. In an Interview, he said he might need a Jersey of Jun-seok Choi, the 130-kg colossus on the bat position of the Giants. The managers heard from your new Fan, asked him in front of a game on the court, and presented him with a Jersey of Choi. “So everything has kind of started,” says Maher.

Today, Maher has his Jersey, his place in the stadium belongs to the Club as the players. Only he enjoys the Moment, quite alone.


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