In France as elsewhere, the summer season promises to be complex in 2022! As Le Parisien explains on its site, various factors explain the expected difficulties: it is indeed necessary to mention the strikes, but also the lack of personnel, which could jointly lead to cascade flight “cancellations”. Naturally, some of these cases could lead to refunds. Provided, of course, that you know your rights… Summary.

The situation: the plane you were supposed to catch is several hours late.

Your rights: according to the Montreal convention*, the company must compensate you if the delay has caused you harm (missed professional meeting, missed correspondence… within the limit of 4,800 euros). However, this right lapses in the event of force majeure**.

And also: the company must pay for catering, accommodation, communications if the flight is delayed by several hours (a flight is considered late from 2 hours for flights up to 1,500 km, 3 hours for flights between 1,500 and 3,500km, 4 hours for flights over 3,500km***).

Do not hesitate to claim the assistance that is due to you from the company. If the support is not done quickly, keep the catering and hotel bills in order to request reimbursement by mail.

If the delay is at least 5 hours, you can cancel the trip and ask for a refund of the ticket.

* one of the laws that establish the rights of air passengers

** cyclone, snowstorms, security risks, strike outside the company…

*** If you arrive with a delay of at least 3 hours at the final destination, it is possible since 2009 to request the payment of a fixed compensation calculated according to the delay and the distance of the flight (except in the event of force major). Find out.

The situation: strike by flight attendants, material damage… The plane you were supposed to take will ultimately remain on the ground.

Your rights: if your flight was departing from or arriving at a European airport*, the airline must offer you 3 solutions to choose from:

– reimbursement of the ticket at the purchased price,

– taking another flight as soon as possible and under comparable conditions,

– taking another plane at a later date.

In addition: you are also entitled to a fixed compensation, calculated according to the distance of the flight, i.e. 250 euros for flights up to 1,500 km, 400 euros for those between 1,500 and 3,500 km, 600 euros for other flights .

This compensation lapses if you have been informed of the cancellation at least 2 weeks before departure, if the carrier has offered you a seat on another flight at a time close to the time initially planned both on departure and on arrival. arrival, or in case of force majeure**.

Very useful: if you are stuck waiting for a flight, the company must bear the costs of catering, accommodation and communications.

Other details to know: as explained by Le Parisien, the terms of ticket refunds may depend on the deadline for cancellation. If the company cancels the flight at least fourteen days before departure, the ticket must be refunded in full. She has seven days to pay and can also offer a credit note. If, however, it proceeds with the cancellation less than fourteen days before the flight, it must also pay additional compensation, the amount of which varies according to the planned route.

* EU countries plus Norway, Iceland and Switzerland

** cyclone, snowstorms, safety risks, strike outside the company, such as an air traffic controller strike for example…

The situation: when you get off the plane, an unpleasant surprise awaits you: your luggage has disappeared.

Your rights: the company is responsible for them as soon as they are registered.

How to react: go to the baggage service to report it. You must be given a receipt, which is essential for filing a claim and obtaining compensation. Two conventions govern this kind of problem. The Warsaw Convention which provides, in the event of loss, 22 euros per kilo of checked baggage. The second, the Montreal Convention, which pays up to a maximum of 1,350 euros in compensation, upon presentation of proof of the contents of the luggage*. You have 21 days to file a claim with the company.

A word of advice: remember to label them. When they are found, they are redirected free of charge to the address provided. Keep precious objects (as well as medicines, papers, etc.) in the cabin.

* To find out which convention your trip is subject to, simply check it on your plane ticket.

Who to contact: If you have any problems, go directly to the airline’s counter. Request in writing the reasons for the cancellation or delay and the reimbursement of the ticket and compensation if you are entitled to them.

If it refuses, first send a registered letter with AR to the company’s customer service. Explain precisely your situation, the damage suffered and your claim for compensation. Without an agreement, do not hesitate to call on a consumer association to help you (UFC – Que Choisir…).

And also: if, despite your steps, the company refuses to reimburse or compensate you, you can contact the DGAC*, if your flight departs from or arrives in France.

As a last resort: you can go to court with the court of the head office of the company or agency that sold you the ticket.

Know this: passengers stuck in an airport can now immediately consult their rights thanks to a mobile application**.

* Directorate General of Civil Aviation. Address your complaint to the DGAC, Air Transport Department, Passenger Rights Mission, air passenger office, 50 rue Henry Farman 75720 Paris cedex 15, or on the website

Remember when sending your complaint to attach a copy of all the supporting documents that you have in your possession.

** Download it for free