The Broadway, celebrates this day with a new Hit, and it almost seems as if the success of the recent box office hit was this time in the DNA of the substance itself. No Less than the 2016 deceased Harper Lee has taken up the playwright Aaron Sorkin – and with her multi-million selling debut album “Who disturbs adapted the Nightingale,” a modern classic for the stage. Since its Premiere in mid-December, the piece has recorded approximately $ 15 million and is now one of the most successful theatre productions in the history of Broadway.

the original recipe Sorkin, who was honored in 2011 with a screenplay Oscar for the Facebook flick “The Social Network”, has not changed too much. His dramatic intervention to do the southern Larghetto of the novel, no crash, you make the Story instead of the stage required a higher number of strokes. The story of the upstanding lawyer-father Atticus Finch himself in the Sorkin loses-typical dialogue, rapid-fire never your own Gravitas. And also the atmospheric stage design (Miriam Buether) makes it the sworn Lee-fan community with his playful, small-town ambience easy to be enthusiastic about the new production.

It had taken care of the production prior to the beginning of the first samples for some of the vertebrae. Lee had approved the adaptation of 2016, a few weeks before her death. After the administrator had sued her estate at the beginning of 2018, however, the Team around Director Bartlett Sher and producer Scott Rudin, threatened for a short time, even a stop in production. The reason for this is Sorkins attempt to dress up the racism issue in the centre of the 1960-published novel in a contemporary robe, went to the heirs all too far. To strong the adaptation of the “spirit” of the template are soft; they are hazardous to the literary heritage of the author, and thus “the integrity of an American classic”.

one of Rudin’s proposed sample-performance before the court, it was not then – it was agreed in the Breastfeeding, but the damage was immense. Because if you are looking for in the program booklet according to the lawyers of both parties in vain – as “Co-authors” is not likely to have a considerable proportion of the collection, which is now seen in New York’s Shubert Theatre.

with respect and understanding

Sorkin himself said shortly before the Premiere, in an Essay on a conciliatory note to the compromise; almost half of the outstanding passages have ultimately been suspended. From an early version of the script shows that it is mainly, concerning the character development in the novel of blemish-free character of Atticus Finch. Originally planned scenes, which would have shown the mild advocate of humanity, such as occasional drinkers, as the owner of a weapon or even as a representative, first, ask more dignified views on the race question and as a man of his time, are not now to be seen.

the speculation that Sorkins ambivalent Atticus from the 2015 under the title, “Go Set A Watchman” published an early version of the “Nightingale” could have been inspired, acknowledged by the author. In the controversial script, which was discovered in 2014, returns to the now-adult Narrator Scout twenty years later, in the home, and discovered that the supposedly progressive father at the age with the Successes of the black civil quarrels rights movement. Sorkin even have the “guards” do not read; his Atticus plagues, in fact, less fundamental doubts as to the age of the lawyer in the guard-novel.