Hard-discount: 11 tips for making good deals


Inflation obliges, many products have seen their prices take off in recent weeks. Shopping is now much more expensive than before. According to INSEE, consumer prices increased by 4.8% over one year in April 2022.

The Borne government has therefore made the protection of the purchasing power of the French its priority: “Emergency laws for purchasing power will be the first texts of this five-year term”, specified the Prime Minister, Friday May 27, 2022. “They will be examined by the Assembly as soon as it resumes its work”.

Pending executive action, consumers should watch their spending, including at the supermarket. To do this, here are some tips to save at checkout:

To save, it is also possible to turn to hard-discount brands.

In this period of purchasing power crisis, more and more French people are turning to hard-discount to do their shopping. The objective of these stores is simple: to sell all kinds of products at unbeatable prices.

While some brands such as Lidl and Aldi specialize in food, the Action, Normal and NOZ stores offer their customers a wide range of products such as decoration, cleaning and hygiene products and toys. A concept that appeals to the French. Since the start of 2022, the Action brand has attracted 26.7% of French households. “It is four points more than a year ago”, specifies the Linear site, specialist in food distribution. An increase that represents two million new customers.

In the slideshow below, discover 11 tips for making good deals in these different hard-discount brands.