In the rest of the trip planning, it had been a rather short-term Change. Had nothing to do with the output of the semi-finals of this world Cup, regardless of the German Handball wanted to leave the national team in Hamburg before midnight, instead of only on Saturday morning. With the night bus to Denmark – such a Tour but it seemed like a dreary prospect late on Friday evening.

Handball-world Cup in 2019, All of the games at a Glance

Christian Kamp

sports editor.

F. A. Z.

with adrenaline, certainly, but also with the devastating feeling of defeat. After the 25:31 against Norway on Sunday (14.30 imF.A.Z.-Live scores for basketball-WMund in the ZDF) in Herning to place three instead of the gold Cup, opponent is France. “We didn’t bring our best performance. We have not found any good solutions, and the uncertainty in the attack,“ said national coach Christian Prokop.

from the Organizers hoped for the Danish-German dream final has become nothing, it is a matter among the Scandinavians. Three years ago, at the European Championships, the Germans had Norway in the extension of the semi-final defeat. This time, however, the Team got off to one of his weaker days. The lack of reliability in the attack, had already pulled through the whole tournament, was the biggest Problem. Part of it is also the absence of a game designer. A tax man like the Norwegians with Sander Sagosen, the Germans did not possess. “We have presented to us the different and a different result is desired,” said Finn Lemke blankly: “We gave everything, but it was not enough.”

the game plan of the Handball world championship 2019 in Germany and Denmark

the goalkeeper offered this time is only average, and even the otherwise reliable coverage revealed with increasing time to larger and larger gaps, in particular, after Hendrik Pekeler had is the third time penalty, disqualification (44,). While Uwe gensheimer (seven goals) and Fabian Böhm (six) met at least reliably. In sum, it is not enough, determination, and passion were enough to other deficits. In addition to this, the limits in-depth German game got along poorly with the strict line of the referee, one or the other penalty was actually too hard.

While Denmark, to some extent, the Express train had taken, the 38:30 against the now dethroned world champion France was a Demonstration of the Tempo and score goals, hand-balls, had this second semi-final of a very different character. Here it was mainly at the beginning of the defensive, the game series, grim, gripping, sometimes almost desperately. What is the came, started the German with an almost wild determination, and because the front a few light hits, led Prokop’s Team 3:1. However, it quickly became apparent: the direct path to the goal, the Germans had a hard time.


So it was first for a game-changing guided tours, not least because Gensheimer met from the seven meter point reliably. But the longer the clock progressed, the more the game is tilted in favor of the Norwegians. The front of too many litters is not found your destination, especially of faeth. At 9:11, the Germans were for the first Time with two goals. A little later, she acted in a double. It is Prokop’s Team fell, this time, clearly struggling to find some emotional center. In particular, Gene Heimer’s push against Sagosen seemed to be the expression of such unbalance. 10:13 it was now called, and that meant even before the break, first crunch time.