the defending champion France in the Handball world Cup in Germany and Denmark are gradually gaining momentum. The French defeated to the main round-kick-off European Champions Spain 33:30 (17:15), and with 5:1 points in the semi-finals firmly in his sights. The former world champion Spain threatens with 2:4 counters.

Ludovic Fabregas and Dika Mem were each with six gates, the most successful Shooters of the two-time Olympic champion in Cologne, Germany. Ferran Sole is not prevented even with eleven goals in the Spanish defeat. The Iberians had since arrived in short-term goalkeeper-Oldie Arpad Sterbik. The 39-Year-old took Rodrigo Corrales was injured in Training on Friday due to a fallen gang Advertising on the left knee.

the game plan of the Handball world championship 2019 in Germany and Denmark

Against actually defense strong Spaniard convinced France 18.121 viewers, especially in the attack. After a 18:18 (34.) the French, who have recently lost the 2013 championship game sat, prejudicial to 26:20 (45.) . Spain reduced the gap in the final stage, the two gates (58.), but in the end, the world champion kept his nerve.

In the main round group two kept Sweden under his white vest. The European championship second defeated African champion Tunisia in Herning scores 35:23 (19:14) and took over with 6:0 points, at least temporarily the lead in the table. Niclas Ekberg from the German record champion THW Kiel and Andreas Nilsson were, each with seven gates best pitcher on your team. Olympic champion Denmark (4:0) can drag on a Saturday night, but back in Sweden in the past. The Co-host encounters to the world Cup-Seventh, Hungary.