In his mind was the national coach months ago with this day. Sure, it’s the opening game of the home championship was an extraordinary one. But, in addition, Christian Prokop, had expressed quiet concern, all the excitement of the political Dimension of this game could distract his players from what is Essential. Good hosts, Prokop said, they wanted to be in the United team from Korea. But the players will not “roll out the red carpet”, and the own grab forget.

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Christian Kamp

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It’s a fairly unfounded fear, or just a politeness formula was, as it turned out,. His team had no problems to get up to speed and goals – against an opponent, however, will not be the scale at this world Cup. At the beginning of the preparation in Germany, Korea lost against third League team VfL Potsdam. However, as Prokop’s team to help it in with 13,500 spectators, sold-out Mercedes-Benz Arena, it was the right spirit, to swing, sporty, and atmospheric.

30:19 there was, in the end, most of the gates were the captain managed to Uwe Gensheimer: four from the game and three from the seven metre mark. “We have become our favorites role, absolutely,” said goalkeeper Andreas Wolff, who has been awarded with 15 parades as a player of the game. He especially praised the team spirit after all the 16 man were used: “Everybody clap with the other, each builds on the other.” Also the national coach was in this respect happy, the team have played under the particular circumstances, is “very focused and disciplined”. However, Procopius complained, the chance of recovery – in fact, the victory could have been good even higher.

the game plan of the Handball world championship 2019 in Germany and Denmark

In the always-pointed rhythm of the hand ball is already on Saturday (18.15 imF.A.Z.-Live scores for basketball-WMund in the ZDF), against Brazil, the not is also expected to be the major challenge, even if Prokop said that it was the opponents of “quite different caliber”. Of greater significance and importance for the further course in the tournament – will be the duels with Russia, champion of France and Serbia. As the target of the Association has formulated the semi-finals, with the further note that after that, as we know, anything is possible.

For the world Cup overall, the opening promised at least once a lot. Seconds before the ceremony dark was for the opening came a familiar figure in the hall, which is in this country to be in the Handball generations for its iconic mustache known: Heiner Brand got plenty of applause. He should be in later with his world Cup-winners, Henning Fritz, Pascal Hens, and Dominik Klein and Stefan Kretzschmar the Cup on the field, a little Tradition.

Otherwise, but the picture on Thursday moved to be hip rapidly in the Modern: A new Generation of tap, has written to the football on the flags. And what came, was the beginning of see. Beats from the 21st century. Century, a lot of light and Laser, who had come in expectation of gym-home cosiness, got, at least in the front rows, a touch of heat in the face, even before the first Ball was thrown. The Pyro effects were on the field.

It was Frank-Walter Steinmeier, the opening up of Germany and Denmark together oriented tournament, at the side of Hassan Moustafa, the President of the world Federation (IHF). While the Federal President was limited to the Essential, came Moustafa to speak on the subject of Korea. It was his idea to send according to the model of the Olympic games, not only sports a political sign. Easy it was not, he said on Thursday. But the Egyptians seemed to be proud that it was successful.