Actually, there was silence around the Cologne Arena. In this stillness something stirs then, three or four men’s voices, perhaps, U, from the stairway to the U-Bahn to Köln-Sülz, “-we!”, “the gene-hei-mer!”, the other. A few Times this is so, then this little one is on the great Soundtrack of this ice hockey-winter.

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Christian Kamp

sports editor.

F. A. Z.

It is just a random street scene, but into the overall picture of this world Cup, it fits, just like the car that was swept aside by the still at the Messe Deutz train station over, with black-red-gold scarves, and “Germany”-Call from open Windows when temperatures are around freezing point. The world Cup-the fire in Germany is already kindled, and Uwe Gensheimer, 32 years old, left, has no small share of it. With 36 hits, including 16 from the seven meter point, not only to the best Shooters of the tournament, he has now scored twice as many as the second best German throwers, Steffen Fäth. And if it is, now that the wave of enthusiasm on the way from Berlin to Cologne is amplified again, then this is also true for the “Uwe”-Calls in the Arena, as it was on Saturday evening at the 24:19 against Iceland to hear.

Six games this world Cup now old, the German team has gained a good position in the race for semi-final places, before now, the heavy opponents, Croatia this Monday (20.30 imF.A.Z.-Live scores for basketball-WMund on ZDF) and in Spain on Wednesday. After Sunday, the Croatians, Brazil 26:29 of the documents, would mean a victory on Monday to the semi-finals. Already now provides the Team with a hearty grab and his positive attitude even in the part of the audience, the contours of which engages rather seasonal for the Gossip Board.

Since Andreas Wolff, the volcano is in the gate, the was still a of the Euro 2016 in the best reminder, as Patrick Wiencek, who uses his 110 kilograms relentlessly as a fighting weight, or faeth, looks so unassuming, almost shy of three, but the Ball from a dizzy height so incredibly accelerated. There are also others such as Paul Drux and Jannik kohlbacher, the power packs, or Matthias Musche, the Lanky, with a blond Beard and a fiery temper. But something a lot of people are gensheimer – something that goes beyond goals and the fact that he is regarded as the best left winger in the world.