was bounced When the last free throw by Steffen Fäth at the Russian wall, it came to a small scuffle. The emotions had swung high in these 60 minutes, it is football as combat, defense, and error was the game. Highly exciting, but not necessarily an aesthetic pleasure. And from a German point of view, it ended with the first disappointment of this world Cup. More annoying than the 22:22 as such, the fact that the team of Christian Prokop on Monday was evening up in the closing stages in the lead, some with four goals.

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Christian Kamp

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The victory and the early qualification for the main round of the rails, in spite of all the difficulties to Grasp, but a headless, it was quarter of an hour to be exploited at the end of the clever Russians whose diebischem pleasure. After they had compensated for with the 21:21 for the first Time since their short-lived leadership at the very beginning, after a misplaced pass by Paul Drux, managed to Fabian Böhm, a guide for the German Team. However, the additional compensation provided for nine seconds before the end for a sudden mood drop in the Arena at Berlin Ostbahnhof, it was in accordance with the unremitting calls of the Halle speaker’s earlier, louder, always louder. At the end there was a silence, as the German Team was there at this world Cup.

The players and their coach was noted that they did not want to let the disappointment too close to. “This is part of a tournament like this,” said Böhm. Federal coach Prokop went on the offensive defense: “We have built up quite a bit of what I have not talked broken after the first draw, not a defeat,” he said. But a little thoughtful, should have the final phase already voted, in the Defensive stand, to the front, but only very little. It is volleyball with a lot of heart was brains, but in the end, only a little. Per capita income has fluctuated in its assessment. On the one hand, he found that 22 hit had not been too little, Uwe Gensheimer was with eight hits and again the best shot. On the other hand, also the national coach complained of the many errors in the Offensive. This Tuesday it goes on, against world Champions France. “The beauty of our sport is that we play in 24 hours again and not break for five days,” said Prokop. With a point in the main round would be reached already before the final preliminary round game against series, the negligence hergegebene point against the Russians but it could pain still.

Before which Procopius had warned usual knowledgeable, especially in the 35-year-old left winger Timur Dibirow. Although the last of the great Russian ice hockey back was a consequence of a few years, world champion in 1997, 2000 Olympic champion, but under coach Eduard Kokscharow, both as a player, it goes up again. The Germans felt the same. Two Times in the first few minutes of the Defensive Sergei Kosorotow was the decisive centimeters too much space. In addition, there was a need on the offensive Russian cover set, which began as a 4:2 and centrifuged later, 5:1 Chan.

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This is not necessarily what Prokop’s Team is, on Monday but managed to do it first, not bad at all. Although playmaker Martin Strobel, of Dibirow shaded, not as good as its appearance, the Germans came often enough with the force to the circle. As Weinhold scored the first guide, Wolff then parried, and Gensheimer on 5:3 increased, seemed to be a major Turnaround. But even the Russians found with power and speed again and again, gaps in the previously safe German cover, also goalkeeper Wolff also emerged, this time not as a serial offender, so that the scarce advantage was soon lost.

The national coach changed a lot, Kohlbacher and Drux should with their physical game the Russian cover way to penetrate. The Berlin Drux a led with two hits also. The vote in the cover was now getting better and better. It was enough however only to a Two-goal lead to the break – Wiedes backhand pass to Pekelers 12:10 was of particular Finesse, was due to technical errors and inaccuracies in the financial statements, as the Germans had revealed their first Victories – only that it was not there fallen into the weight. It is also the result of the General hustle and bustle,