The Irish lagekostenluchtvaartmaatschappij Ryanair has, in the last quarter, more money is brought in by travellers as extras to sell, such as priority boarding and reserved seating. Thus, the negative impact of lower ticket prices, and the problems associated with the Boeing 737 MAX will be cancelled. Has Ryanair announced Monday.

The additional sales you’ll spent, as compared to a year earlier and nearly 30 percent more money in the coffers. Total operating revenues increased by 12 percent to almost 3.1 billion dollars. The net profit has increased by 8 per cent to 910 million euros. This was considerably more than analysts had expected.

Ryanair remains cautious about its outlook for the remainder of the year, and says it is “biased optimism” of their competitors, are to be avoided. The largest budget airline of Europe, it is at slightly lower ticket prices than in the previous winter, it all depends on one another and on the uncertainties as the brexit.

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