Consult your bank account, buy a pair of shoes, make a medical appointment… Thanks to new technologies, it now only takes a few clicks to perform certain daily tasks. So your smartphone is a prime target for hackers to steal money or collect personal information. In its latest report, Zimperium, a private mobile security company, ranks the mobile applications most popular with these thugs in the world. In the top 10, three French applications:

Warning: this does not mean that these applications are less secure than the others, simply that they are more targeted. While you can’t do anything to prevent hackers from attacking your mobile apps, that shouldn’t stop you from being extra vigilant about protecting your accounts on this type of software.

In order to quickly detect any anomalies, check your bank accounts regularly. Also prefer to opt for a unique password on your banking application, which you will not use elsewhere, and keep it secret. Also remember to change it regularly for maximum safety. Also, never connect to your online account via an email or SMS received: if in doubt about the origin of the message, contact your bank with the number you usually use.