H.E.R. H.E.R. is a series of new series that teaches civics to children


H.E.R. is not only a great musician, but also a good friend. H.E.R. wants to be an active citizen that empowers young people with knowledge.

Grammy- and Oscar-winning recording artist, The Grammy- and Oscar-winning Recording Artist gets to do both in the animated Netflix series “We the People.”

The 10-part series was created by Chris Nee, produced by Barack Obama and Michelle Obama. It features three-minute music videos that cover topics such as the Bill of Rights, immigration and the courts. It features the award-winning artists Lin-Manuel Miranda and Brandi Carlisle as well as Bebe Rexha.

H.E.R. H.E.R. took on the episode “Active Citizenship”, writing and performing “Change” as well as the song. It teaches young people how to become involved in community issues by writing letters, volunteering and peacefully protesting.

Peter Ramsey, Oscar-winner for “Spider-Man Into the Spider-Verse”, directed the animated segment.

H.E.R. H.E.R. admits that the idea of making music and teaching was daunting at first.

“I was thinking about all these subjects and how can we make this cool?” It all started with me just writing a letter to the mayor.