The golden age literally and figuratively according to Gwyneth Paltrow. Tuesday, September 27 was a symbolic day for the famous American actress who celebrated her 50th birthday. A special occasion for the 50-year-old who marked the occasion on social networks.

With her 8 million fans on Instagram, the sublime American has published a photo of her appearing completely naked and partially covered with gold sequins from head to legs. With the number 50 surrounded by two golden stars in emojis, written in her legend, Gwyneth Paltrow revealed herself sexier than ever, posing on a large white support, her forehead resting in the palm of her hand.

A snapshot that has gone viral (more than 628,000 likes) which has aroused the admiration of many Internet users, anonymous and famous, under its Instagram publication. Like the English singer Rita Ora who approved the photo of a “Yes” with her arms in the air, the actress Eva Longoria was impressed to believe her “wow wow wow” in her comment. Or the equally playful comedian Naomi Watts “Yes, mama! Happy birthday queen”.

The Shakespeare in Love Oscar-winning actress and founder of wellness brand Goop shared more sultry snaps in her “birthday suit” on Instagram to celebrate the golden jubilee. “I feel so good at 50, it allows me to express the energy and the optimism that I feel,” the wife of producer Brad Falchuk wrote on his website. “I find that aging is actually something beautiful. We just have to broaden our perceptions. When you become yourself, integrated, your life flourishes”. A star at ease both in body and mind.