In China, where a man’s index finger is cut off after a snake bite. The doctor said he was told that this is not at all necessary. Your finger he is lost.

The 60-year-old Chinese from Zhejiang province, was wood-cutting in the vicinity of his home village when he is suddenly bitten by a snake.

The man was sure that it was going to be one of the Chinese neusslang, the largest of the groefkopadder of Asia. He didn’t hesitate for a second, and he cut off the index finger of his right hand down in order to reduce the poison in to him would be crippling. He wrapped his hand with a piece of clothing, and rushed to the nearest hospital, about eighty miles away.

he was dr. Yuan Chengda, to learn that the Chinese neusslang not have to be so toxic though, he thought. “I’ve got my finger chopped off to save my life. But that turned out to be completely unnecessary.” The wood-cutter had his finger tip left on the site of the accident, which are not sewed-on to it.

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