the tour Operator TUI will this winter, and more aircraft are committed to the destruction of a competitor, Thomas Cook. The two companies will offer a travel package (flight plus hotel), but the business of Thomas Cook have been in the majority of countries have stopped following the liquidation of the British parent company.

The German GUY now counts on an increase in demand. For this reason, it is checked whether the aircraft is in the height of the summer season have been hired, and may be recorded. That being said, ceo Fritz Joussen in an interview with the news agency Bloomberg. The collapse of Thomas Cook’s in it for “a significant opportunity” for the remaining operators, in particular in the United Kingdom.

in the expectations for:

When Thomas Cook said on Monday that the books are put down, was that 150,000 Britons are on a holiday through Thomas Cook. The holiday-makers who have had to leave and now have to make other plans and are expected to be on the look out for alternative travel options.

in the long term, expects a GUY to be able to take advantage of the demise of Thomas Cook. The market for package tours in Europe, it is estimated that about 45 billion euro.

in The summer, it was for the GUY “in the room.. However, according to the president, the tourism industry has not yet fully recovered, the slabakkende the economy, volatility in oil prices, uncertainty with regard to the Brexit, and changes in consumer behaviour. Even in the hot summers of the last few years will have an impact on the vakantiegedrag. According to Joussen will learn of the bankruptcy, Thomas Cook said that, “only those who will have to adapt, to be successful”.

the SEC, however, continues to be cautious, and it is not at all interested in the acquisition of Condor, the airline is Thomas Cook.

More about Thomas Cook, Brussels Airlines was forced to lay off more than 100 flights and not only for Thomas Cook customers have been the victims Guarantee fund, establishes the Friday, ten races returning, passengers Cloth is the Thursday final for the employees ‘ estate in the parts of Thomas Cook and Wim was standing at the base of the profitable, Thomas Cook Belgium, “the Flemish people are learning to travel, and now it is all in ruins”