Gustavo del Castillo and Juan Must, winners of the Memorial Carlos del Castillo Snipe


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During the week-end was held in the waters of Gijón the XXI Memorial Carlos del Castillo of Snipe, the most important test of dinghy sailing organised for the last 21 years, the Real Club Astur de Regatas.

Of the four sleeves provided there were three, two on Saturday and one on Sunday, the fourth test had to be aborted minutes after giving the output at the fall of the wind. Due to the time, about 4 in the afternoon, the race Committee ended the day.

The two sleeves on the Saturday were played under a great wind brought the Northeast 15 knots of intensity, wave cut and good temperature in a typical day of summer northern. On Sunday the weather changed , the wind was unsteady blowing with less intensity until they disappear in the first hour of the afternoon.

On the first day the protagonists, no doubt, were Martin Bermudez and Angela Pumariega who performed two sleeves excellent, with first two were placed at the front of the classification, with clear options to repeat the triumph achieved in 2016. Another couple of favorites to win the trophy, the canaries Gustavo del Castillo winner of the 2018 and John Should be with a third and a second place in the day were placed in the second position of the table. For their part, the couple formed by, Jaime Alvarez-Hevia and Ignacio Braña very regular with a sixth and a seventh place standing in fifth position overall.

The Sunday after two calls general began the decisive day in the canaries, Gustavo del Castillo and Juan Should be kept at the head of the fleet, crossing the finish line in first position, winning the trophy for the fortunate islands. The second place in the overall went to the local Club Regattas, Jaime Alvarez-Hevia and Ignacio Braña who repeated the sixth position. It was not the day for Bermudez and Pumariega, which ended up in eighteenth place in the sleeve, and without descartes had to settle with the third rung of the drawer.