got As Rainer-Maria halbedel for the first Time, a Michelin star, knew no one, Germany’s moral turn of Kohl’s were still fifteen saumagen years mentally-before. In the White house, Ronald Reagan lived back then, in the Kremlin, Yuri Andropov, in Berlin, a wall, and in Bonn, the eponymous Republic in full bloom, their battle steeds of Willy Brandt and Otto Graf Lambsdorff chosen the “semi-precious” to the Federal Cabinet canteen. Nothing of it remained, everything is different now in Berlin Germany, which has turned so groundless as to be thoroughly in an often fabulously ill-humoured communities full of self-weariness with a tuning curve in the Form of Angela Merkel’s mouth. Only Rainer-Maria halbedel, with its seventy years of life, in spite of eight ten-hour days are still so undaunted, so passionate in Bonn at the stove, as had happened in the last 35 years. What makes this man right what so many others go wrong?

“You have to know what can be, and you may not want to be able to, what you can,” says semi-precious, never wanted to can something else to cook as a classic gourmet kitchen, and so with his family, an honorary teacher’s dynasty from the Osnabrücker Land values, on the appalled incomprehension met with: “thought I was a weirdo, but I have been through, and as the only child of a respectable profession learned.” According to the teaching of the academically prodigal son went for six years in the then German gourmet capital of Berlin, cooked up by a variety of stars, houses, escaped as a nice side effect of the annoying Bundeswehr reservists existence, opened in 1976, in Bonn, his own Eatery, got in 1983, a star that keeps it continuously since then, thus proves brilliantly that in Germany, a gourmet restaurant over the decades, from its own power, can successfully exist, and already in 1987, the final, dining at home: a neoclassical vanilla yellow late nineteenth-century building in Bad Godesberg Villa quarter, welcomes its guests in a familiar way and in a confidential, as she expected dinner in a private Salon. This is also due to dragon bone … wife Irmgard, a farmer’s daughter and a hotel specialist from the Eifel region, which it is since Willy Brandt’s chancellorship, and the not-as-good soul, and a restaurant boss is a formalistic rigidity in the “semi-precious” a Chance.