Guest commentary on the Covid-19-policy – Corona sets the weaknesses of autocrat is open to autocratic rulers to bow down before nothing, not a Virus. In Belarus the consequences of The people opposes the President.Opinion Benno Zogg0 comment, despite the “national quarantine”: The Opposition to head of state Alexander Lukashenko urges to Thousands on to the streets to demonstrate. On the 31. In may 2020, in Minsk.Photo: Tatyana Zenkovih (Keystone)

China’s rigorous and ultimately successful action against the spread of the Coronavirus hides that car show to be rather a systems inherent weaknesses in dealing with pandemics. This is particularly true for Regimes that are aligned with a strong leadership person – as in Belarus.

Belarus, as in the ex-Soviet state is also called, is Europe’s autoritärstes country. Instead of the health of its citizens, political elites are concerned primarily with their self-image, the economy and, ultimately, the Power of its own.

Although elections in Belarus since the a Farce to the departure of President Alexander Lukashenko in 1994, has found his policy in of the population, mostly the consent. They preserved the independence of the country – despite, or perhaps thanks to an Alliance with Russia and a comprehensive and functioning social state.

the handling of The Corona-pandemic failure, the President thoroughly.

the handling of The Corona-pandemic failed the President, but thoroughly. First, he criticised neighbouring countries for their over-reaction and suggested the more obscure treatments such as the vodka consumption, or driving a tractor. Meanwhile, Belarus is one Infected more than 40’000 and is thus in Eastern Europe is comparatively the most affected. Nevertheless, the public and economic life are hardly limited. This is a dangerous bet on a mild course of the pandemic.

Many on a strong leadership person-oriented countries do not like it to succumb to a Virus that is beyond your usual control. Instead, try to get a picture of the strength and normality. Therefore, Lukashenko or the President of Brazil Bolsonaro deny the danger, or Putin delegated unpopular measures to the regions.

in may Belarus victory parades through led to the Second world war, with Thousands of Participants. Also the fear of an economic crisis is larger than before the pandemic. An economic slump would be a breach of the implicit social contract for full employment and stability. Because of the high degree of state control, the Belarusian economy is inefficient, insufficiently diversified, and fragile.

In contrast to Sweden, the also followed a policy of looser measures, can an authoritarian government such as the white Russian is also not the responsibility of the population to appeal. Such a consent from your Lukashenko with his often paternalistic policy.

The white Russians make a practice of “national quarantine”.

He has miscalculated, however. While elites and state-controlled media are loyal and the government nod policy. Many of the white Russians and the white Russians are, however, well-informed, distrust of numbers, the suspicious deep, official death and wish for more drastic restrictions. You can practice in a “national quarantine” by avoiding events or restaurants, and in solidarity with health care workers show.

elections in Belarus have been mostly a Farce: Alexander Lukashenko, the long-time President since 1994, in a polling station. Photo: agencies

This is not without political consequences. Thousands in these weeks, an exception to the self-imposed quarantine: they are protesting in major cities against government policies and give their signature for and against candidates in the presidential election in August.

The white Russian people to decades of political passivity in part. Behind protective masks, the fear of the secret seems to be dwindling service, the KGB. In Russia, with its similar political System, the Approval ratings for Putin to fall, however, in surveys.

The pandemic is eroding the political System of the strong and infallible President.

In white Russia and also in Russia, the pandemic has eroded the political System of the strong and infallible President. Lukashenko is reflex-like, announced the replacement of the entire Cabinet, it will convince a few citizens. The dissatisfaction and the unusual self-responsibility in white Russia, in the face of the pandemic is likely to translate into increasing protests and political Opposition.

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