Guest commentary for teaching via the PC, The school does not need digitization to every PreisBei to neglect the investment in the classroom, would be fatal. The school needs both a Computer and excellent teachers.Opinion Hans Peter Amstutz0 comment look at the screen or look at the teacher? Good education requires both.Photo: Gaëtan Bally (Keystone)

Our Treasury is being strained with the rescue of whole industries arg. This will also get the education to feel when the next investment is pending. We will use the funds primarily for expensive digitisation projects, or would not be targeted efforts to improve the classroom teaching more rewarding?

The essential studies on the topic, and the mixed experiences with the distance learning to give the common class for a better grade. The balance, send it as a Whole, is more efficient and creates a social sense of security that is not accessible via digital Connections.

The majority of the learning programmes, the digital education industry are far from the students demanding new territory to explore, this can also be Weaker to independently enter. First of all, the chaff would have to be divorced in the digital offer from the wheat.

for a basic equipment of schools with modern presentation technology and the use of age-appropriate learning software is fine. Digital tools can contribute to the deepening, in principle, understood skills and high convincing image and sound material in the classroom to enrich. A stubborn no would mean to ignore the opportunities provided by modern digital possibilities and to push educational pioneers in front of the head.

A radical conversion of the school to a high percentage of digital instruction would be irresponsible.

A radical conversion of the school to a high proportion of digital teaching, however, would be irresponsible. Innovations need to be supported by the teachers with Conviction and a pedagogical added value, if they are to succeed. Very delicate interference in the freedom of Method, which would be in the case of a dominant digitization with predetermined programs radically are. The design space for the teachers would be unattractive to small.

the Primary goal of a good school quality remains. Who wants to be a strong school, you must do everything that the teachers can give priority to the preparation of a living presence, teaching first priority. Not the school Around the main thing, but a more attractive teaching that convinced the content is. This is of great relevance in the didactics and in-school training.

in Concrete terms, this could mean that in the area of nature and technology, teacher teams are given time, technical, and natural history series of experiments jointly provide. Such preparatory work have a direct impact on the quality of the lessons and create a real mood of optimism.

Pleasing results set as well, when teachers will prepare at least one lesson per school in the morning thoroughly. It is not an encouraging feeling when children go in the expectation of the school that their teacher, in addition to the solid teaching every Morning has something Special to offer? Such Topstunden radiation to the whole class and let the otherwise rather routine Learn better in time.

Digital Learning pushes in deeper formation processes at boundaries and can replace the need for good teachers in any way.

Many young people will confirm later, some of the exciting history or Geography lesson had exactly this stimulating effect, and in their memory was imprinted. Digital Learning promises to be more independent Learning. But it is far behavior away from a learning which is developed in common to Discover great relationships. This is particularly true for the cultural subjects.

in The coming years, what is the importance of a cultural education programme, will be traded to a one-sided a utility-based approach. Digital Learning pushes in deeper formation processes at boundaries and can replace the need for good teachers in any way. Whether teachers participate primarily as coaches, computer programs, or to shape, as active persons in a class community draw, is the crucial question.

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