Test drive – guardians of the joy of driving BMW pushes for the 3P the Coupévariante. The new 4er is not only dynamic, but also so. Thomas Geiger0 KommentareDie Hardware is almost identical, and yet slumbers in the new 4P more dynamic than the BMW 3-series. BMW

digitization, automation, and larger and larger screens – all of this is in the development of a new car now at the very top of the To-do list. However, it is believed, Peter Long, then the priorities change again. Because the competition together is located in these categories is always close, celebrating the long time neglected the joy of driving a Comeback, is the top Riders in the BMW development is convincing and has the right answer. Because in a few months, the Bavaria set the new three-way with the foursome again, a Coupéversion to the side. The sedan remains the benchmark for the desire for the Draw in the middle class, is already you want to set the bar so once again a good bit higher, promises to be Long: “to take The Threesome just two doors, was enough for us.”

for a good reason: Finally, BMW had the last lot of criticism about the close proximity of three and four like. To prevent that from happening in the future, were primarily the Designer in the Full go and in addition to the Silhouette of the Front remodel. Although disguised in Langen’s prototype is not complete yet, but shimmers under the plastic, the huge kidney through a mask already, with the help of the Bavaria in September at the IAA in Frankfurt, the visitors have provoked.

Like a SIP of Espresso

For Long, this Design passion and burden at the same time. “We had to ensure that the four drives as sporty as it looks in the future,” says the engineer, and has moved away the four, therefore, technically more than ever, from the Threesome. “Of course, the Hardware is largely identical,” he admits. Because even if the four accounts of the total production in the middle-class, around a quarter could not afford to Bayern as a derivative else. But the coupe is just under six inches flatter than the sedan, and therefore has a two centimeter lower center of gravity, it is a good two inches wider track, the front of a larger fall, and in turn, a pair of additional struts to stiffen the structure and also in the case of tensioner travel on bad roads, a boon to bring peace in the car is also in the back.

The result of this attachment of yours is driving, as it offers this side of the factory tuner, no other car in the class. Precise, agile and yet so calm, that the driver remains with all our efforts, still relaxed, winding of the prototype through Munich’s Hinterland. Even at 60, 70 km/h in third, fourth gear, the Quad is better in the Hand, responds more sensitively to steering, throttle and road surface and acting on the driver like a SIP of Espresso in the Morning. “We felt it was important to have this feeling during everyday Driving and you can feel the difference even if you fly with screeching tires on the road,” says Long.

Electric support

But as much as three and four in the appearance and in the vote are so close they are to the atmosphere and with the drives. Clearly, the front one sits a bit deeper, the pads are a bit tighter, and of course, there is a Belt feeder. And in the rear it is at least until the debut of the convertible, and Grand coupe a bit more modest. But the Cockpit, with the digital Display and the Touchscreen of the mark is as familiar as the operating system with a quite natural input, the somewhat playful gesture control and the large army of assistants, who actively intervene in the Longitudinal and transverse guide language. The Four – and six-cylinder engines of up to 374 HP strong three-litre in the provisional Top model M440i automatic out of the three are exactly the same as the rear – or all-wheel drive and the eight-speed is known. At least, the strongest engine is the first diesel BMW with an electric Starter-Generator velvet 48-Volt System. The not only saves a bit of fuel by better recuperation, but it helps with the best case, 18 HP, also during Start-up and stuffs like that the last Löchel, which could be attributed to the Turbo. However, the foursome will have to share this privilege soon with all the series.

Precise, easy to use, and desire to move full – the foursome to the new Grail Keeper of the joy of driving is. Engineer can confidently go into the race with competitors such as the Mercedes-Benz C-class coupe or the Audi A5. And M3 and M4 are expected to follow soon.

Though the prototype is still camouflaged, the larger kidney grille and a sportier front apron detect. BMWEine wider rear track, a larger camber in the front and a plurality of struts in turn bring calm in the car.BMWDie engines are from 3 known – of the Top row gets six cylinder but an electric Starter-Generator.BMWFlacher and stretched: The proportions make it clear that the 4P is the sportier variant. BMWUnter the camouflage of the cockpit is to hide the large touch screen and the operating system of the BMW 3-series.BMW1 / 50 comment please Login to comment