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Under this prism, Group Browse are has been very proactive with the initiative seen as critical for the reactivation of the sector.

Sergio W. Smit, CEO of Group Navigates and director of Nautical MICE has declared “Since we knew of this project, we have poured in to support it. Faced with an exceptional situation like the one we are living we all have to push to achieve to get again a scenario of security and trust within the MICE industry.”

“From Group to Sail in general, and in Nautical MICE in particular we have created a group of multidisciplinary work that is dedicated solely to analyze and protocolarizar the new rules to follow within the nautical events according to the guidelines that mark the seal Covid Safe Incentive & Event” , concluded Smit.

This initiative appears as response to the crisis generated by the COVID 19 and their economic consequences, with the objectives of reviving again the market with the maximum guarantees.

the Creation of the seal Covid Safe Incentive & Event

The compliance of the measures set out in this agreement in terms of health, will result in the issuance of a seal “COVID SAFE INCENTIVE & EVENT” on the part of a horizontal platform of agencies and specialists of incentives constituted specifically for this purpose, which will monitor all the players of the event comply with the measures and protocols required in regard to sanitary practices and safety, controlling so that the attendees or guests to enjoy their events in an environment “COVID SAFE INCENTIVE & EVENT” with the maximum guarantees.

With this agreement, the agencies aim to streamline and enable the procurement of events, and reinforce your status as an agent prescriber within the value chain.

These measures place special emphasis on the treatment in the legal security, advocating for the definition of certain contractual clauses of the cancellation of the event or postponement generating a security framework of a contractual peace of mind to customers and conducive to the recruitment event and travel with the advance without a penalty disproportionate.

Another aspect to highlight would be the introduction of a “Passport to Health” for incentive groups in the wake of last initiative of the World Tourism Organization in this sense.

It digitalizaría any type of access to all types of transportation, hotel, show or activity, and properly perfected, it could even mean a definitive solution to possible outbreaks of this pandemic or the emergence of any other.

Bet on the national tourism

The agencies are sensitive to the situation of many domestic suppliers, and are committed to the business of closeness and the national level in a first phase, that in addition hope that comes to stay.