Grégory Lemarchal, singer with an inimitable voice, will remain one of the Star Academy candidates to have touched the hearts of millions of viewers. The interpreter of Write history had subsequently fallen in love with the young Karine Ferri. A feeling shared by the host, as she mentioned in an interview with Paris Match in 2007.

“One day, Grégory calls Laétitia (their make-up artist, editor’s note), on her cell phone while she was doing my make-up. ‘It’s Grégory from Star’Ac!’, she told me aside. ‘Ah yes, he’s not bad, him!’ I answered. She hung up and said to me: ‘Well imagine that he also just told me that he finds you rather charming.’ My blood just boiled. I asked Laétitia to quickly give her my phone number. It was the first time I had done such a thing! “, she had declared. It was only six months after the start of their relationship that Grégory Lemarchal finally told her the three words she had been waiting for: “I had to wait six months for him to say ‘I love you’ for the first time. I couldn’t take it anymore, but I loved it!”.

But suffering from cystic fibrosis, Grégory Lemarchal tragically died on April 30, 2007 at the age of 23. An immense mourning for the relatives of the young singer. Several years after her disappearance, Karine Ferri found love again in the arms of a footballer named Yoan Gourcuff with whom she had two children: Maël and Claudia.

In the book entitled Sous ton regard, released in 2021 by Michel Lafon editions, Laurence Lemarchal devoted a few lines to the former companion of her son, Karine Ferri. She explains that many people ask her if she continues to have “news” from the host. Despite the years, Karine Ferri always seems so present. “She is the godmother of the association and fully plays her role, in particular of raising awareness in the media (…) Karine has remained Karine, she does not forget, she has just continued on her way, as we wished her to do there. is already twelve years old”, wrote the mother of Grégory Lemarchal. The latter said she was “all the happier that she found in Yoann a loving husband and father”. Grégory Lemarchal “would be relieved, he who only wanted to protect her”.

Tender words that certainly touched the host who had been tattooed, in tribute to her former companion, the initials GK for “Grégory Karine”.