The new Flemish government that will have to be more than a half of the N-VA specialists exist. This prime minister, Jan Jambon will have four followers themselves. This showed the N-VA, even with the intention of sailing around it, this time with a minister to do. Now, he ministersposten you can give out, having chairman Bart De Wever is still a little worrying is that one of the movers and the shakers are tekortgedaan feel.

Officially, there is no ministersposten, and the fund still have not told us of the Flemish negotiations. However, while a substantial accord may be a week in coming, it is the official portrait of the Ham and I almost shot it. There are once again nine cabinet ministers, contrary to the intention of the one is less to do, and there’s already a couple of million euro’s to save money. The N-VA was formed by five ministers, including the prime minister, the presidency, the rump of the government. However, the parties in the parliament but is 35 seats, just about as much as the Open VLD (16); – (CD&V) (19) together. “If you get nine ministers along with the system, Dhondt, is the reflection of the balances” is to acknowledge them, Open VLD and CD&V. But, as long as that is sufficiently strong portfolios to get in, they will not be hard to do the 5-2-2.

N-VA’s four ministers and the prime minister.

Liesbeth Homans was able, after a bad period in the last legislative session, just in time to go back in there but for the grace of her college friend, Bart De Wever. A superportefeuille, like last time, there is no more. If the N-VA, Education is getting, it will probably go to Ben Weyts. Also, Zuhal Demir, who is just as Weyts, a beautiful room finished, can sleep peacefully at night. After the fifth, the N-VA, post, there is still a question mark. The current leader and the man from East-flanders, Matthias Diependaele, it is a serious contender, but with a 5-2-2 allocation, it is likely that the N-VA minister to Brussels to do. It is Cieltje Of the Rear part (40) in the pole position . The Schaerbeek recently, the vice-chairman of the party. Moreover, it can ministerspost the pain of a father-in-law, Geert Bourgeois, to soften, that is, if the prime minister had to make room for Ham.

(CD&V): the two ministers and the president.

The democrats have a prime minister handing in, but that was to be expected after the 26th of may. It was said that there was an attempt to make it to the ten ministers, to which the CD&V, the three ministers, it would have been better, but the coalition partners met at the not . The job of the president is however, the only difference between them is by the Open VLD. Hilde Crevits is free to decide whether or not they are a minister, and what powers they choose. Because the CD&V will almost certainly re-up for well-being, it is them who have a heavy wallet to claim it. An extension of the stay in Education, Crevits will not be so wild. A return to the Public Works and Mobility, which can also be done. Departures: CD&V chairman Wouter Beke, to choose, perhaps, to lay his money on. Coming in the direction of on the Flemish level, there is only in some of the posts in the Flemish Parliament, but it draws Beke, probably not. Koen Van den Heuvel, would then be president able to, whether is also the name of Joke Schauvliege’s stubborn ways.

Open-VLD: two of the ministers.

you can make this I will stop, in all likelihood, as a party, and an american offered a ministerial appointment, again with a topjob binnenrijven. I profiled over the past few years, a number of times, to Education, and have a good chance. Bart Somers, is the certitude, for the second item. He announced in may that he will be the new secretary of the Society will be put to the negotiating table, and intends the whole of Flanders’re on the Luxury scale. The probability that the N-VA, Somers to be their own thing to do, on Integration, however, seems not to exist. What are the powers he will get, so have to wait and see.

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