Artificial intelligence is complicated; in this field, progress is, accordingly, difficult for the layman. The make to the Alphabet Holding company belonging to the AI Company deep mind has done in the past more frequently by in-game competitions against people the Superiority of its developments in order to demonstrate research progress.

Jonas Jansen

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the deep mind AI by the name of “Alpha Go,” the world’s best players in the Chinese Board game of Go effortlessly hit. Up to this proof of the dominance in the year 2015, the traditional Board game was considered to be too complicated for machines. And the South Korean Lee Sedol as a more powerful opponent who was at least 18 Times champion of the world, and because of its unconventional and creative game in his home country a national hero. 4 to won 1 Alpha Go, and not rushed only Go-Fans into a sense of crisis: What Makes the development of machines and where they could trump the people?

How much is machine?

Although no one would be offended that a car can cover a distance faster than a human. But if it is not a question of physical power, but creativity is swallowed up in the Amazement quickly from the Pessismismus. The adjusted, sometimes the view of the quite remarkable achievements of researchers, program these smart machines. Google bought deep mind for the year 2014; more than $ 500 million of the search engine group for the KI will have paid a Start-up based out of London.

Now set the deep mind-researchers are still on it: Because they have trained their Artificial intelligence in the video game “Starcraft” and against professional video players. Ten lots were recorded in December, an eleventh was played on Thursday evening and, together with the other in a Livestream broadcast. “Alpha Star,” the Name of the program, was able to win ten of eleven Games, which made for the more experienced commentators, and the Gaming Community for the astonishment and enthusiasm.

Starcraft II is immensely popular

Starcraft is one of the most famous computer games in which there are also professional competitions. The counterparty to build a base, strengthen it, and create units with which you attack then the opponent. There are many strategies to approach, defensive and offensive tactics. For more than 20 years, it is played online, yet it is still immensely popular: alone on Thursday, more than 253,000 lots of registered Teams have been played around the world.

It is one of the most complicated strategy games, because the players need to consider hundreds of options for the next train at the same time, and your strategy for a longer period of time. Unlike Board games such as chess or Go, in which professionals think far ahead and plan, there are in the game but no set trains. So players need to respond to seemingly unexpected actions of the opponent, which applies to a Computer as well, of course.