Google has released the search trends of this year. Draw a picture of the events, the people in Germany to the machinations of 2018. So much to anticipate: Yes, because football is a lot, because there was a world Cup. Under the category of “General keywords” in the first place. The second Daniel Küblböck follows.

Maria Wiesner

editor in the Department of society FAZ.NET.

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The former “Germany seeks the Superstar”-the participants jumped in September, during a cruise from Hamburg to New York on Board the ship. Since then, he is lost. His Disappearance employed by the users of the search engine, so much so that his Name appears among the most gegoogelten personalities at the very top.

Meghan Markle and Jan Ullrich

In this Ranking follows Meghan Markle. Although Prince Harry was back in November, 2016, an official statement, the American actress is his girlfriend, and a year later, the engagement of the couple was known, seems to be the wedding in may of this year, the curiosity on the Person Markle once again inspired. The third most frequently Google users searched for in Germany Jan Ullrich. The former professional cyclist made in August made headlines when he was arrested in Frankfurt by the police because of dangerous bodily injury on a provisional basis. He made then a withdrawal of therapy.

more Interesting than those lists with personalities and search the most commonly searched questions are understood. Since most jobs are found on the front of the help this summer: “the oak processionary moth call, what to do?” and “What helps against wasps?”. This summer, on top of that was just too long and especially too hot, “How long can the heat?”. A question that came to place five of the most common “How-questions”.

he Who asks not how, or what, but where, is usually disoriented. The information to be found there, searches rich: “Where’s the moon?” (seriously!), “Where is the ISS?” (verifiable) and “Where is Uruguay?” – you’ll have to Google that, never again, we have here a map:

And if you don’t ask now, whether the holidays would be a good time to finally get the series to catch up with the colleagues during the lunch talk break always, the list of the most wanted series is recommended. In the first place, Tom Tykwer’s leads twenties Drama series “Babylon Berlin”, closely followed by “Bad Banks”, “Tannbach”, “house of money” (supplied with “Bella Ciao” is also the song of the summer) and the Science-Fiction series, “Altered Carbon”.