The end of Google+ rang. The u.s. firm said on Monday, having closed down its social network after you have discovered and clogged up a flaw. The personal data of half a million accounts have been affected.

the result of this flaw, in march last, and having found a great inactivity of users, the Internet giant has decided to shut down this social network are automatically registered in the people with a gmail address. The names of the owners of 500 000 accounts, their email address, their profession, their gender and their age are the main data that have been exposed, provides Google on his site.

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438 applications affected by the flaw

data posted by the users such as messages, information on the Google account, the phone numbers could not be seen or viewed, adds the group of Mountain View (California), suggesting, however, that he could not identify with certainty the users affected by the flaw, nor their location. In addition to the half-million accounts, up to 438 applications are also affected by this flaw to light during an internal audit.

Google said that application developers were not aware of the fault and would therefore not be served data, exposed : “We have not found evidence to show that the data have been used inappropriately. “Google+, which boasts millions of users, is primarily used by professionals focusing on topics that are very specific and can see the updates of their contacts via” circles “. These are in fact groups of contacts created by the user according to the criteria of his choice : interests, categories of customers, relations, etc, and within which it is possible to decide the content that will be shared.

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