now, Goedele Liekens was angry at the producer, Vincent Byloo. He is on this weekend, a newspaper column about the fact that the new policy is working on the tv show Celebrity date . “Madam, the member of parliament has more important things on her mind than the people to represent them,” he wrote, amongst other things. Liekens, who, since the election in may, Open-VLD, in the Chamber offices, commented: “Small to suggest.”

now, Byloo and asked, in his regular column in The Morning, wondering, “how the parliamentary career of Goedele Liekens’s been set.” “The federal and rituals already be warm, have been able to make it to the vrouwenzaak”, wrote a letter to the presenter of the Radio 1. “And she’s already in a plenary session attended? These were just a few of the questions that is in me, opborrelden. And that’s how the answer came to me, and as soon toegewaaid…. that affect her and Jack save the pair , as bluste a headline in a newspaper, my acute sense of curiosity. So the member of parliament has more important things on her mind than the people who were to represent them to the link up with Jack Kazaltzis….” To finish, he did it with the following: “As the new Member of parliament, yet such an expert, since it appears to be, why in the world would they have those skills then it will not work for a lot of urgent toenaderingsopdracht? The palace, as soon as opvordert as a Royal matchmaker called. She has the grades for it. And, apparently, even in the time of need.”

the Words that are in Liekens is clearly going down the wrong way done. In the same newspaper, and she responds to now. “That I am, in my spare time, meewerk of a program, such as Celebrity date , it does not have any affect on my dedication, and integrity. Low, to to to suggest.” They will “praise be to the concerns of the producer, Vincent Byloo” about her political career. “It is a pity that he was not informed about the bills that I submitted in my intervention, in a variety of committees, and the major substantive issues such as a comprehensive package in the fight against child sexual abuse. In order to name just a few.”


She has yet to meet, that is the recording of the program, during the vacation, this happened. Liekens does the producer have a suggestion. “I disagree, ” Vincent Byloo? Well. Let’s talk, let’s go over content, having a chat, but let’s not personally shooting them down in the op-eds. That is the only way we can grow. As a person, as a nation and as a society. As for the rest, you may be on of your rest: Gudula cathedral sits on the top of the case.”

Vincent Byloo read in the meantime, the reaction of (Liekens: “I have been in a satirical column about the “Celebrity date” what plagerig about Goedeles time as a member of the parliament, as they seem to have the time to get to this range. And if the ball bounces, satirical or not, you can’t expect. Goedele has a response out to the point of which parliamentary democracy work for all of them hard, and I have also been personally complimented. The Point to tasks, and , that was okay.”

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