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New business operation in the tourism sector with Globalia as the protagonist. The group, chaired by Javier Hidalgo, owner of brands such as Air Europa and Falcon Travel, has reported that it is studying the merger of its hotel division, Be Live Hotels, with the chain of the balearic islands BlueBay Hotels . As explained by the group, the intention is to “create a leader in the sector with a strong vocation for international expansion”.

The resulting group can manage an inventory of close to 100 hotels and more than 21,000 rooms , most in category 4 and 5 stars, distributed in more than 15 countries. The hotel business of Globalia account with 10,000 rooms, while BlueBay operates in the present, some sixty establishments.

So, in get to occur to the agreement, the new company in addition to “would be a solid introduction not only in the main holiday destinations in Spain, the Dominican Republic or Mexico, but also in Cuba, Portugal, Morocco or Colombia, among others”, adds Globalia. The process of fusion, as explained by Globalia, is being accompanied by EY and PwC.

Other operations of Globalia in progress

As mentioned above, this is not the only operation that Globalia has hands currently. Since last November, the group is in the process of merge their business travel agencies (Falcon Travel, Travel Ecuador, among others) with the grupo Barceló, which has the property Ávoris. A merger that would lead to the creation of a giant facturaría about 3,700 million euros and that she would have more to 1,500 sales offices. The goal is to compete with the travel division of The English Court, a leader in our country.

however, in June both companies reported that the health crisis were forced to park in the merger process until the end of the year. Sources close to the operation told ABC that it is crucial to see how to advance the two businesses during the summer after being closed during the pandemic, which has caused a great damage in the accounts of both companies.

The other big operation that studies Globalia is the sale of its airline Air Europa to Iberia. Before the pandemic, both company came to an agreement for 1,000 million euros. However, by the pandemic, that operation is not entirely closed, and now both companies has spent weeks negotiating a new price and another form of payment . As reported by ABC, Iberia, is still interested in the acquisition of its historic competitor, and intends to close it before the end of this, but neither does it rule out that in the end the operation is finished breaking.

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