Bianca Meldes (Name changed) the doctor around, talking is not long drum: As the gynecologist in the case of the 29-Year-old found a quadruplet pregnancy, he advised her to get only two children. “He told me clearly that he only sees a danger for the babies, but also for me, because in my tank, just too little space to be,” recalls the Leipzigerin. “We have therefore decided relatively quickly to do that.”

pregnancies with more than one child are risky

With “the” means Reporting the most Terrible thing, whatever is in the vocabulary of medicine: the so-called multifetal pregnancy reduction, the Killing of children in the womb. The more children plays a Pregnant, the greater their risk of dying in the womb or suffer a early birth, serious disabilities. And also for the mothers, pregnancies with more than one child are risky: There may be bleeding, pain and organ damage caused by high blood pressure threatening.

multifetal reduction: The freak of nature

correct decided As Bianca and her Partner, to let two of the babies in her belly to kill, in order to increase the chances for the other two, saw you in the surgery trying to correct a freak of nature: Bianca Message had become in a natural way with four children pregnant.

injection with potassium chloride to kill the child in the womb

In General, the multiple reduction is part of the Repertoire of reproductive medicine. It is a solution, which will be addressed in the high-gloss of the desire to have children centers brochures from nowhere, and largely under the Radar of the General Public will be carried out: children in the womb, is injected potassium chloride into the heart, death occurs within a short period of time. So you want to make space for your siblings and their risk for Growth retardation or preterm birth reduce.

“Pregnant grandma” expecting quadruplets

Also Raunigk Annegret, the “pregnant Granny” from Berlin, stood in front of the decision. The 65-Year-old was in the Ukraine, four fertilised eggs. All four grew up to Expect. The risk from a medical point of view, ancient mother is huge, but a reduction, she declined.

FOCUS Online/Wochit German women have children later and later, Only 95 cases of multiple reductions in a year?

no one knows exactly in how many cases in Germany each year, embryos or fetuses by multiple reductions to be killed. So, the Federal Statistical office counts only since 2010 “Fetozide in multiple pregnancies”. For 2012, the office reported, for example, 95 of the cases. But these Numbers “can’t be right,” the knowledge of the statisticians.

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