A cult series that marked an entire generation. From 1993 to 1995, TF1 broadcast the French sitcom Les Filles d’à Côté. A fiction that featured five thirty-somethings and neighbors living in a building. Cécile Auclert, Christiane Jean, Bradley Cole, Thierry Redler or Gérard Vives… This is the non-exhaustive list of actors who have had success with the series. A fiction which even had the right to a sequel baptized for the occasion The New girls next door.

So little by little, some sitcom stars fell into oblivion, others managed to stand out, like Gérard Vives who played a body-built receptionist at a gym. In the show Chez Jordan, the actor returned with nostalgia to his debut in the series. “It’s really madness. We don’t realize, but at the time there were fewer channels. We were doing 6 or 7 million minimum, all the time. It was an incredible adventure, even if I don’t I didn’t realize it. Sitcoms didn’t exist, so it was a revolution, that thing,” he said.

Despite the strong audiences of the time, the 59-year-old actor did not wish to take part in the fiction reboot project which would be in talks with C8. “What would be the point for me to start over there? None! I did it, why do it again? I think bringing this cool character back is killing him,” he told Jordan Deluxe and add: “Especially since homosexuality, today, is in all the series. And then, when I was doing the effeminate character, I looked at my mother how she held herself, etc. Today, we would say ‘Is he kidding?’ While not at all.”

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