The six-year-old Tongtong, a Chinese girl from Henan, he saw her in a dream once as a dancer-to-be earlier this month burst. During one lesson, she was paralyzed in her legs due to an unfortunate incident. Her teacher called her a split to widen, until she lost control and a lot of pressure.

it was soon clear that the situation was serious it was. In bewakingsbeelden of the school, it is time to see how Tongtong first time, was able to walk to them, not long after, her legs are nowhere to be found. She was taken to the hospital. The diagnosis was very hard: with a lesion to the spinal cord, through which her legs were paralyzed. The chances of them ever will get, at a reasonable price. “The doctors told me to have no hope,” said Li, the mother of the little girl.

The school decided to make the initial medical costs, but did know that “it will be difficult to do so in the future to do so.” According to the mother, the school was no longer to achieve since it is known that the position of the girl is no longer there to improve. “She loved everything about dance,” continued Li is still at it. “As a mother, I’ve been doing my best to get her to help spread the word. But for now, it seems like they never will be able to walk or dance to it.”

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