Asse –

A 12-year-old girl Thursday morning while crossing the street get hit by a car on the busy, Gentsesteenweg, in Asse-ter-Heide, a district of the town of Asse. They ran a concussion on. The driver, who is in her aanreed he vluchtmisdrijf. “We are here on a daily basis are faced with dangerous situations,” says her brother, Jens.

The 12-year-old, What is left that Thursday morning at about 7: 30 p.m. her family home in the town of Asse-ter-Heide, a district of Vlaams-Brabant, Asse (belgium). “My little sister was like every other morning, go to school,” says Jens, a 17-year-old brother of the little girl. “We’re living in the busy, Gentsesteenweg, and they need to cross the street to the bus stop.”

According to the police, took the girl to the side, in a place where there is no pedestrian crossing was made. “It was still dark outside, and the doctor, who arrived and caught sight of her, slowed down, and let her go over and he would drive by”, says the public prosecutor’s office. But then he returned to the girl’s back as her mobile phone had fallen into. “Suddenly, he heard the doctor behind her, the sound of the crash. He stopped, and opened the first care is self-administered.”

the Grey car

This vehicle is that it is a girl aanreed, he vluchtmisdrijf. “According to my sister, it was a grey car without lights drove,” says Jens. “Some of the witnesses – in all probability the children would have noticed the girl with the sky in the sky. Shortly after the accident, she could not, her legs will not move. She was still conscious.” The public prosecutor’s office could not confirm that the lights are on, the vehicle does not work. “It’s not the victim’s on-the-spot, the police said.”

when The girl has a concussion and walked out not a break up. She stays overnight in observation in the hospital. “There are still echoes of the liver and spleen to be taken,” says Jens. “She also has a sore knee.” The investigation of the drivers of vehicle is done according to the public prosecutor’s office.

the Complaint

“My parents have filed a complaint with the police. I am still in a state of shock when I heard my little sister run down it was. I was happy to have my parents and the ambulance was quickly on the spot. We are here on a daily basis are faced with dangerous situations. That particular crosswalk has no lights, so it’s sometimes it’s five minutes to wait for someone to the right of the entrance, because no one stops it. It is here in the zone 50, however, there is always too fast.”

Mom, Kelly, wrote immediately after the collision, even with a furious message to Facebook: “To the scumbag who was my daughter, no lights on, has a run-in with the Genstsesteenweg and it has been decided: I’m hoping for the karma to find!” The family of The hopes, therefore, that the officer in question will be found. “A lot of the details we have to, not because it was all so fast.”