At Ghent, by the local police last week in a big controleactie in the 70’s in trade and in hotels and restaurants, more than 4,400 products were seized. “In three of the cases were expired food items were seized which, for some, the maturity date for more than two years was reported, the Ghent local police department.

The police, and on Tuesday, October 15, in a so-called “flex-checking”, in co-operation with the external services. “As much as control of trade, and company checks in terms of licensing, safety, security, labour, social regulations, and so on. The flex-control, and focused on nine categories of goods: nail’s’the hand-car sharing, dagbladhandels, dagwinkels, shops, CBD, shops, massage parlors, hotels, restaurants and shisha bars,” said the local police station.

There were 70 to addresses verified on the basis of the previously identified problems, issues, or breaches of, or input from external partners. The federal public service public Health, Food PRODUCTION, the federal ministry of Economy, the national SOCIAL security office, the Finance ministry and the european medicines agency (belgian Federal Agency for Medicines and Health products (famhp), took part in the action.

The federal department of Health took over 4.400 property to be seized, including more than 2,000 items in a single case. “In three of the cases were expired food items were seized which, for some, the maturity date for more than two years had expired. Having regard to the privacy of the companies we may not have the specific results, to inform”, according to the police. “We will be able to say that for the majority of the monitored cases, one or more issues or violations identified were the same. Two of the cases, were even across the board to be in violation of, for each of the controlling partner, there could be one or more offences. Fourteen of the audited cases were at the same time in that order.”

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