If the living room is the suitable metaphor, one would have to consider. Such a Phonstärke probably would not accept even distant neighbors, as it would have to be the party room. But it is the feel-good climate of a specific clientele, and that the football players can’t have it loud enough, you had been prior to departure from Berlin. So welcome in Cologne and its Arena, up to 6,000 spectators, more than in the capital and a vibrant reminder of the victory at the home world Cup in 2007. Damn long, but for the Cologne audience all the more reason to pass this time, as the rest of the team and their coach Christian Prokop desired.

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Christian Kamp

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And the player, 24 deeds:19 it was called on Saturday evening to the main round start against Iceland. The 19.000 spectators saw a to all, a determined German team, in the Defensive with the excellent goalkeeper Andreas Wolff convinced. To the front of the motor as the head was rather crucial. Steffen Fäth was the best pitcher, with six goals. To the three points from the preliminary round, two more have been added. “This is the most beautiful time in which we live. Apart from private moments of happiness, this is professionally the greatest time in our lives,“ said Prokop. “We have made the first serious step.” Also building player Paul Drux was impressed by the audience. “It is amazing! I barely understand my own word, I have never experienced anything like this.“

So it builds in Cologne, Germany, on home, marriage, it should again go on trips – to the semi-finals on Friday in Hamburg. The chances are good, although the challenges to grow again On Monday against Croatia, on Wednesday against Spain. The European champion lost to world champion France 30:33 – without “Les Experts” is of no account in this world Cup. Already since the Cologne Arena was filled to the brim and in the mood. For Prime Time it was flipped atmospherically like.

More Routine in the back room

Procopius had announced that the squad for Saturday would consist of 16 man, after last Steffen Weinhold against Serbia had been missing, and Kai Häfner had arrived as a potential replacement. The national coach was in the fact, different than expected: Häfner Weinhold was also. This was no more room for the young Franz Semper. Procopius probably wanted to be more Routine in the back room. Häfner had to be the 2016 European championship victory as highly effective substitutes: in the Finale, he threw the most goals. His League-preliminary round, with the TSG Hannover-Burgdorf has nourished the hope for a sequel.

Weinholds stem position is half right – he’s not supposed to be used – began Fabian Wiede. Was ruled in the first, but of another: Steffen Fäth. He is one of those that the German Team needs especially with self-confidence. On Saturday, he contributed significantly to it after seven minutes 5:2, among other things, with two goals and a wonderful template. However, the markedly increasing the heat on the dance floor did the Germans, two time penalties and a couple of Icelandic throws later, the lead was already lost, 5:6. And there are some troubles and minutes cost, up to the 19th century., you get it back again.

The German game was full of passion, the cover toiled heart and was always better on the Star, the Icelander Aron Palmarsson. For a leap forward, it initially lacked to even understand on the way to the Icelandic goal. However, this shortcoming made the Germans More use of betting so that you can threw for three minutes before the siren for the first Time a Four-goal lead, 14:10, it was finally, favored also by the fact that the apparently injured Palmarsson could not be involved – only a fraction of a second was missing for a further German goal after a spectacular act of re-strong Wolff in the gate.