Maximilian Walscheid (Sunweb) on Friday, the 74th round of the historic woodland (cat. 1.1) would have won. After 186,3 km from Moscow to Lichtervelde was a 26-year-old German had the fastest of a leading group of five. Dries De Bondt was runner-up for the Dutch Taco van der Hoorn, and Jan-Willem of the Ship, and Jens Keukeleire.

as soon as the riders are in the new starting point, It had left, it was game on in the car. Nine of the riders were there, in spite of the high speed, however, in order to be able to either. That was Nikolas Maes, Martijn Tusveld, Maximilian Walscheid, Dries De Bondt, Romain Cardis, Kris Boeckmans and Bert De Backer, the man, The Fox, and Andreas Vangstad. They had a maximum lead of 1:45 on the peloton, which is already in several ranges apart, it was beaten up. For one of the eight local laps, each of which is of 10.2 kilometers, the flight took us back. Sign up for Jelle Wallays, Max Kanter, Dries De Bondt, Thimo Willems and Sjoerd Bax in order to speed things up. For Wallays, is the winner of 2014, De Bondt was it was too slow. The duo began with a clue from a minute and a half in the last six rounds. In the field we are the riders of the Jumbo-Visma is the speed.

After a 153-kilometer race was gone, however, everything is back together again. With two laps to go, demarreerden Keukeleire and again, De Bondt. They were a little further up in the company of Van der Hoorn, Walscheid and From the Ship. One group was at about 35 seconds, with the peloton at 1 minute. In the front was Keukeleire as the role of fix it, but in the slotkilometers, he once again, in order to ensure that the five is a sprint it was. Walscheid, which is out next year for the Team and NTT (Dimension Data) drive, it had the fastest legs, and notched up his first win of the season. In the hall of fame, he follows Jonas Vangenechten in.

Dries De Bondt satisfied with the closest major league

mr. Dries De Bondt was a Wednesday, the share price at the stage of the historic woodland, but the win he needed to be in the fast German Maximilian Walscheid them. This is the closest place I’m satisfied,” said the rider, by Corendon-Go.

“In the beginkilometers, I sat for a while in the second range were caught. That would be to me later on in the match, not the appearance. We went to the plough for a very good price. Before the start of the local laps, I wanted to be a covered area to set up. Jumbo Visma was, in fact, is prominent in the field, and wanted the case to turn it into a sprint ahead of Dylan Groenewegen. That is, so I don’t do it.”

“working Together with Jelle Wallays, I have to be the actual final bet. There were a few others, and I tried to sprint for the win. I might not have my powers, gewoekerd, but for everyone else, it was the best we could. In the final sprint there was nothing to do in Walscheid.”

Taco van der Hoorn was in the service of his country and his team mate Groenewegen at the front of the race. It was the Dutch one-third of the space. “Well, I think I was even the slowest of the group. With Jens Keukeleire, Walscheid and De Bondt you’re not going to the final stage. Therefore, I tried to put it in its last round a few times to get it to drop. A lot of there was, however, no longer possible. Almost immediately, I became captivated. I, however, Keukeleire worn out, and I was able to, Jan-Willem of the Ship behind me in the race.

“I’ve had it for a whole day, I want to hear. From the beginning, there was a gekoerst. Immediately, the flame inside of it. It is not a moment stopped. Everything is focused on the character of Groenewegen. The crew checked we’re in the race, our group of five came into being and the opportunity was allowed to go on.”

Photos: The Photo News