German legislators vote to eliminate most pandemic restrictions


German lawmakers voted Friday to eliminate most of the country’s coronavirus restriction restrictions, despite an increase in infections with nearly 300,000.

With two abstentions, the Bundestag approved an amendment to pandemic rules by a vote of 364-277. The measure was later approved by the upper house of parliament. It is composed of 16 German states.

These changes allow for the removal of the requirement for face masks in public places starting Sunday. However, all German states have stated that they will still require them for at least two weeks. Public transport may still require the use of masks after that date.

Patients in nursing homes will still need to have negative COVID-19 testing, but they will no longer be necessary for other walks of the life.

While states can still impose restrictions in order to reduce outbreaks in “hot spots” for virus infections, governors complain that this measure is not practical due to the national increase in cases.

The country’s disease control office reported 297 845 new cases and 226 deaths related to COVID in the last 24 hours.

Karl Lauterbach, the Health Minister, defended lifting restrictions.

He said, “We cannot continue to place the whole country under a protective shield to protect a few people who are not willing to get vaccinated.” “The balance is being changed.”