Gerry Weber has filed for bankruptcy. This comes as no surprise, the company was, however, at least since November, with his back to the wall, after the promissory note creditors had deferred their receivables until the end of January.

Martin Hock

editor in the economy.

F. A. Z.

the observer the share price, it had to suspect, however, on the day before, when the stock suddenly course around noon, and without any visible occasion, by 13 percent to an all-time low broke.

The assumption is that, like this time, the decision could be, going to the bankruptcy judge. Then some Insiders would have sold in time shares, which would constitute insider trading. Without knowing, who has sold and whether the seller of a possibly planned bankruptcy did request something, it can not be made subject to the charge without further notice. It is just an obvious guess.

GERRY WEBER — — (–) Xetra, tradegate, Frankfurt, Stuttgart, lang & Schwarz, Vienna, London SE Int. Level 1 1T 1W 3M 1J 3J 5J For detail view

Gerry Weber wanted to comment on Thursday, the rate of movement and said there were no messages, corresponds to the usual Procedure in these cases. Because this Information to individual observers pass would be the same if the disclosure of inside information.

in this respect, observers were able to close on Thursday in the course of movement: It comes a bit Large, Negative, and possibly a bankruptcy filing. That would still be a sufficient Argument to separate quickly from stock.

decline of an industry

The insolvency of Gerry Weber is a total of a further stage in the decline of the German fashion industry that lasts a long time. And it shows once more the pattern, after industries shrink: First of all, the descent is insidious. The sales stagnation in the Trend or go back easily. Price pressure makes the income to fall, however, you have to go with cost reductions. At some point, the industry falls off the cliff: a Deterioration in balance sheets continue to weigh on investment power, the austerity measures worsen the brand image. Sales are Slipping and fast.

The German fashion industry has responded in many cases to less consistently and often held too long, important areas of the company like Design, but also production in Germany, which was not due to the competitive situation and to see it through. So you couldn’t be competitive and to drive you to the edge of the cliff.

Under pressure from all sides

It is the medium-sized manufacturers and retailers such as Gerry Weber, met. Brands that were strong enough to not be at the discounters sold, but they were too weak to be able to great margins. to put

On the “timeless quality mode”, was not misleading. Because at the end of the Mitt to be tightened-Fünfzigerin fashionable. You may be no, or less Hotpants, mini skirts or Spaghetti strap Tops, but what attracts you to be modern.