In 2006, Gérard Lanvin starred in the film Camping directed by Fabien Onteniente, where he starred opposite Franck Dubosc. A summer comedy carried by a famous group of actors (Claude Brasseur, Mathilde Seigner, Antoine Duléry, Mylène Demongeot) which attracted nearly 5.5 million spectators to the cinema.

While Franck Dubosc and his companions appeared in the sequel to the trilogy which took place at the Flots Bleus campsite, Gérard Lanvin did not appear in the second part and gave way to actor Richard Anconina. According to the words of Michel Saint-Josse’s character, he had decided to withdraw from the project due to multiple disagreements with his partner “despite the big check that the production offered him”, according to the Allociné site in 2007.

“It’s Franck Dubosc’s film, Camping, isn’t it? Yet I had the impression of having played in it. I think that a partner has an obligation to talk about the pleasure he had in talking to the nobody in front (…) I do not have much to do next to someone who has not been able to understand the imperative and indispensable presence of the other”, he assured to our colleagues by adding. “Camping only works because I found the job. The starting subject was already chosen but it was me who found the idea for my character, it was me who found the fact that his old car breaks down next to a campsite, and it was I who came up with the idea of ​​a character who observes the other in his delirium”.

According to his statements for the site, it was out of the question for the famous comedian to play again with Franck Dubosc. And, to tackle his ex-partner in passing. “I don’t see why I would come back to a campsite after playing a man who hates camping. I should play a fool, but that wasn’t my role, it’s Franck Dubosc’s…”. Despite this conflict, the two actors have again given the reply in Full Board in 2015.

As for the director of Camping, Fabien Onteniente explained that the actor never declined to participate in the second part of the film released in 2009. “He did not refuse, it’s wrong. I want him to tell that , but in each campsite, there is a new protagonist, and therefore we did not offer him”, according to his comments relayed by Pure People. And, to discuss his relationship with the actor. “I adore him, Gérard, I want to go back with him. But there, in this case, we didn’t offer him”. The two men have put their differences aside, since they worked on the TV movie Les enfants des Justes, broadcast in March 2022 on France 2.

Sixteen years after the release of the comedy in the cinema, Camping is still successful with the French since 2.9 million viewers were in front of their post on June 12, 2022 on TF1. On this occasion, a look back at the physical evolution of Gérard Lanvin, who will celebrate his 72nd birthday on the first day of summer.