“We’ll be playing on Tuesday may be against the best team in the world. It is a time where we have to enjoy it,” said Genk coach Felice Mazzu on Monday, on the eve of the uefa Champions League match away to Liverpool. “And by enjoy, I mean, not as a tourist, in a photograph take on or something like that. We can only enjoy them when we can on the pitch to give it their all and play.”

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Mazzu took a selection, of 25 men, to join the club. “Because this is a unique moment for the club and the players. Many of you will probably only have one once in a life time at Anfield could take office. I wanted to use it, no one to deny it.” And so is defender Jere Uronen it, but that is due to an ankle injury, not in the action. The only ones that will be missing are long term injured goalkeeper Danny Vukovic, who is in Australia for revalidation, and the champion Shawn Adewoye, the beloftenelftal in the UEFA Youth League is playing.

Two weeks ago, went to Genk on their own site with a 1-4 collapse at the club. A new defeat would be right for the development of a mathematical elimination will mean. Also, in the private competition for the Genk and not in the wind. After the 2-0 defeat on Saturday, at Three, is to win a national championship for the eighth well. “I am aware that the results will be, and the game isn’t very good,” said Mazzu. “But I’m happy to be working, as over the last few weeks and months. I have to stay calm, and don’t feel any pressure. I try to be myself, and for my players to improve. We will continue to work very hard. I’m sure all of my players on Tuesday and the right attitude it will show and make sure to the trainer, this will be the case (laughs).”

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Photo: BELGA Photo: BELGA Photo: JEFFREY GAENS (Photo: JEFFREY GAENS (Photo: Photo News, Photo: AFP for More about Liverpool FC, Jürgen Klopp, thank you Genk): “It is incredible to think of which players all over the world and have it sent” a Sensation in the uk: Liverpool and Manchester City will lay a long time on the road to defeat but to win it in the extreme, still, Jürgen Klopp, is threatening Liverpool’s exit from world Cup in spite of spektakelzege a growing number of original production, helps Liverpool to a true victory in a spectacle, with to 10 (!) goals against Arsenal