– ‘One team, one dream. With the new leuze-en-hainaut joined Racing Genk and we will be in Maastricht on the plane, in the direction of Salzburg. In exactly seven years, nine months and eleven days since his last Champions League match will be the champion tonight, in search of his first victory on the kampioenenbal. “We should not be afraid”, says a coach Felice Mazzu.

The family Von Trapp < / I> ” what’s in a name for example, if you have a voetbalartikel write – it should be just about the most well-known family of music, and perhaps in all of Austria. Their epic, visual sugary treats worthy story, it was transformed into a world-famous musical The sound of music . Tonight it takes a soccer ball to the austrian, however, about the music: it’s time for The sound of a football for RC Genk in the play is the first game of the new League campaign.

Monday morning, collected in maastricht, the delegation will departure at the airport of Maastricht-Aachen (germany), where the check-in desk is a large, eye-catching banner was hung on display, with the words ‘ One team, one dream. Genk had the better of Champions League words, you can think of. For to dream, do you go up to the kampioenenbal. But, in particular, the first part will be crucial in the next few weeks: a single team.

“Rage de vaincre”

Both the Genk staff and the board of directors will have more grinta, for example, the lines of communication. A team that goes to the extreme, and if there is a limit on the range of the brush. As technical director He is the Winner of the ” got to Genk, be less good, and should have been. Especially in the Champions League. “We need to be healthy and show aggression”, is also Felice Mazzu. “The true and, all the rage de vaincre. , the will to win, I don’t always have enough to go back to the group. I am not the one to complain about it to the shown commitment. The spirit was excellent, only we need to have further skills and would like to go.”

now That you recognize Sebastian Dewaest. The Genk captain took on Sunday during a discussion of the word in the locker room. “It was after the game and I’d rather not, because then it’s a book with the adrenaline pumping through the body,” says Dewaest. “However, this past weekend I took the boys, however, spoke to them, because I have my job and wanted to record. We are standing in front of the important for weeks, both in europe and in the league. Therefore, we need to make sure that we stand together. To return to the base, and the heads don’t hang down, that is the most important task.”

Salzburg’s moves by the Austrian league, and picked up the maximum points. Genk took the 10 to the 21 for a false start. But still, Felice Mazzu opportunities at the Austrian national champions. “They have an incredible attack and scored on an assembly line,” according to the Genk manager. “In addition, they are also fast, printing. We will have to be taken into account. Salzburg won with 7-2 against Hartberg, and that the fifth was located in the Austrian league. The more I do not have to tell you. But still, I want to go to our own performance, look to the future. We will have more chances to create at brussels south Charleroi airport. And, it is also important to have a balance of defend, and take a dare. Not an easy one.”

to Another machine.

Genk in the dreams of its first-ever victory in the Champions League. That’s easier said than done, but the ambition is there, yes. “I have noticed in training that the players are very, very concentrated”, said Mazzu. “So, I’ve got good hope. However, I would like to now also not too strong fixation on the result. We must, in the first instance, to try to be a good game to play. Or how many points it will generate, we’ll see. The impact of the uefa Champions League has been tremendous, but we must not be afraid of the Champions League. We need to enjoy and achieve.”

Sebastian Dewaest to realize that he was by no means an easy one will do. “Offensively, it is the machine, and they’re playing in your own home. We will have our hands so full. That’s not to say that we only have to defend the spirit. On Sunday, we have the tactical training, everyone now knows what he must do. I’ve also noticed that the group is keen and in don’t in order to be displayed. For the vast majority of players, it is the first time that they are in the Champions League. This is the chance they don’t want to just let them pass by.”

Genk) gets the chance to make up for the missed competitiestart in the background to play the drums. It currently has seven points less than last season, at the end of seven days, that will count. However, after a first-ever victory in the Champions League final would be just a little less hard to lift it. One team, one dream. , they already have. Will also be able to have one victory ?

More about KRC Genk in the ANALYSIS. Gert Verheyen dissects Champions League opponents Genk: “Salzburg lost against Chelsea and Real, but it played better facility news. Samatta is definitely the basis for a Genk vs Salzburg, the repercussions for the Oulare who is German must be a Salzburg Racing Genk in the right direction, cause He is the Winner of the ” know what’s RC Genk has to be done in the first uefa Champions League game: “you have Nothing to lose”