Generalitat and Barcelona city Hall is close for the total ban of the cultural activity


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The decision of the government to ratify this Sunday the ban “of all the extraordinary activities and temporary types of cultural, public entertainment, recreation, leisure and fitness night” not only put on a war footing to a cultural sector touched and almost sunk, but which also showed that relations between Barcelona city Council and Generalitat are anything but placid.

So, shortly after the Procicat was issued a document clarifying that left dead a good part of the cultural programming that promoters and festivals were adapted to the sanitary measures, the mayor of Barcelona, Ada Colau, announced that it “reluctantly” had to “stop the Grec”, and that the cultural facilities and sporting could not open on Monday. Both the Grec as other appointments such as the Fes Pedralbes or the Cruïlla XXS remained still yesterday the schedule, still pending of what may happen in the next few hours.

And it is that, as stressed Colau, the consistory will accompany the affected sectors to ask for exceptions that are common sense”. In your own document, the Procicat already provides for Councils to be able to enable spaces prior authorization of the Procicat, something that, so far, has not been given. is “Is what orders the Government”, he regretted Colau to a restriction against that has already been had said Friday, arguing that in the cultural and leisure activities of the city are met “carefully” measures of measures of health security, and there is access control.

the complaint of Colau, seconded by a good part of the sector, responded to the minister of Health, Alba Vergés, ensuring that yesterday morning the Generalitat met “with the world of culture and sports to explain the mechanism with which Municipalities can maintain activities if they meet the measures of protection.” “And Ada Colau knows it perfectly. We all want solutions, don’t you?” wrote Vergés in his Twitter account.

The same came to say Elisenda Alamany, council member of ERC, the party of Vergés, in the city Hall of Barcelona, who ugly to Colau to ask by Twitter for authorization for the Procicat, words that are not liked to the deputy mayor, Joan Subirats, who reminded the exdirigente of Catalonia in city council that the request had already been issued formally “48 hours” before.

In a statement to the BE, Colau has been deepened in the unrest and has claimed to the government that addresses this same Monday the requests of exceptions that have been made to local councils. “It can’t be that the government of catalonia to carry improvising weeks and that we ask the city councils to make requests for exceptions one at a time. The same Torra acknowledged that squeaked restrictive measures”, said the mayor, who has criticized once again the closure of sports facilities and cultural. “The experts tell us that transmissions are occurring in the or cio night and in the family. We and the sectors of sport and culture are asking: why are we being punished if you don’t there has been cases in our sectors?”, has said.