The Hanoverian is a pastry. And a horse. And a Hanover citizen, a resident of the city of Hannover or the Hannover Region. He is also a member of the house of Hanover, a resident of the former Kingdom of Hannover and a hunting dog, a Bloodhound, to be exact. But above all, the Hanoverian in our times, the thoughtlessly cobbled together justice, surrogates, and reality be nebulised levelness yaw symbols, such as a dried up primrose after a few drops of Rain, an absurdity.

The Hanoverians. So it’s been decided. By whom? Some of the locals. The way must now myself. But that is only fair, and justice is finally. The Hanoverian is a to the sky above Hannover cry for the end of gender injustice. This must not be longer. Therefore, the administration of the city of Hannover has decided to about eleven thousand employees, the use of a “gender-equitable to impose administrative language”. Thus, voters are to be elected, and teachers to teaching. In the city hall of the city should not be councillors behind the lectern, the future is to hot, the Tribune, more aldermen and City, but is Guessing.