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The plaza of el Puerto de Santa Maria is a painting. Oozes torería and beauty. His employer, José María Garzón , the notes from the overhead high. It has not been easy to get here. But the target is already fulfilled: the coso cadiz will give bulls. “This run is very special. It has been the most difficult to organize in my twelve years as an entrepreneur through the difficult circumstances that we are living.” The idea that the calendar bullfighting not to be left without dates in red hovered already in the confinement: “No one wanted to give bulls, but I think you leave the season blank would have been detrimental. This is a cry of hope “. Sowing seeds for a future that is far from certain.

linings, with the tickets not available are marked

Proud by the response of the fans, he does not hide his satisfaction: “We have sold the 5.300 possible entries with half the capacity. Sold out ten days before the celebration”. Will be the “No tickets available” more real this “new normal”. This Wednesday, people kept calling to find tickets. Already impossible. All out of stock. “I think that would finish the paper with the fully booked”.

The bulls of Juan Pedro Domecq spent the first recognition and were waiting in the bull pen. is Enrique Ponce, Morante de la Puebla and Pablo Aguado make up the sign of the expectation. And a certain amount of controversy on the subject of television: the first two said yes to the tv, but the last one said no, something that became the networks in the wailing wall for not being able to be seen, in a season so special and with the capacity reduced, the bullfight on tv. For and against. All.

At the entrance of the square, the tile at Joselito , his immortal phrase: “one Who has not seen bulls in El Puerto does not know what is a day of the bulls”. And the big day is coming this Thursday.

Twenty-four hours before -and many hours before-, Garzón and his team ultimaban much more than details. The year of the Covid leads to measures which were unthinkable in another time. A group of hostesses put stickers on the lines. Are marked, those in which the spectators may not sit. By way of “danger!, danger!”. Are the five, and the peak of the afternoon and the sun hits it with force. It doesn’t matter.

We walk through the plaza, we traveled to the heart of a scenario which meets for 140 years. A life of glory that he could not stay in such an anniversary without celebration. As the centenary joselitista. Despite the sacrifices. The wife of the businessman, Natalia, the well known. “José María has not stopped working in full confinement,” he says. She has been his support, along with his trusted men, such as Paco Left, slope of the security protocol.

A yellow ribbon and black , with more than a metre by half, they warn that to keep the distances to the entrance (and exit). Up in the bathrooms of the knights have placed a tape in the form of a cross: one yes, one no… not all toilets can be used. “There is that to keep the distances even to piss,” says one employee.

It has taken into account down to the last detail: almost 200 people will be working this afternoon/night of Thursday to ensure the safety of all. We will measure the temperature and there will be a tent with medical personnel to perform test in case someone give a high temperature.

Several posters remind you of the mandatory use of the mask . And it appeals to the responsibility of each.

The dream of this afternoon/night of summer will arrive at eight o’clock. Two hours before gates open. Before the dream, there have been a few nightmares. “It has been a mixture of d e dream and the nightmare , yes. But it is an honor to say that the hobby is alive, that the Feast is a hobby of the masses, a tradition of Spain. This Thursday is a very important day for bullfighting,” he Garzón.

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