Garzón rectified and will ban the ads from betting on all football matches live


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After months of consultations and claims of civil society associations, the Government rectifies it and gives it back to one of the most controversial raised last February when the project was presented to the royal decree regulating of the advertising online game. Finally, the Ministry of Consumption that toughens the restrictions on the text submitted prior to the crisis of the coronavirus and will limit the ads of stakes in radio, television platforms and video-sharing to the strip from 1 to 5 in the morning . It will be recalled that the first draft is included in this framework schedule with the exception of that it gave free reign to the issuance of announcements of this type in sports broadcasts live from 8 pm and until 5 am in audiovisual media. In this way, since the ministry directed by Alberto Garzón allowed the promotion of the game in the football matches of maximum audience, a point that has been strongly criticized by different civil associations and consumption.

In the modified project that Consumption sent today to the European Commission, and who has had access ABC, reinforce the restrictions on the advertising of games of chance in line with what is already progressed Garzón last week in the Senate. During his intervention, the holder of Consumption ensured that the new royal decree would include measures similar to those applied to article 37 of the decree adopted to determine the state of alarm in Spain, and which were in force until the 10th of June.

Without sponsorship kits

in Addition, the new draft is vetoed the sponsorship of companies related with the online game in t-shirts or jerseys sports, while in the first text itself gave the option to the professional players to continue wearing this type of sponsorship on their jerseys. The first indications have just stuck to selling t-shirts of sports teams with references to houses of bets in small sizes to protect minors. It also maintains the prohibition of the welcome bonus, but now extends to all the promotions without taking into account the conditions or the amount. Now only you will be able to offer promotions to customers that have a game account open for a month as a minimum.

on the other hand, this text is almost final maintains the veto to the participation of celebrities in advertisements of games of chance in all media and at any time. The public game is back to stay out of the majority of restrictions and both the ELEVEN as Lotteries and Bets of the State shall not be affected by the time-slots set . Yes you will have to follow the same rules as to content and may not, therefore, include celebrities in their advertisements, nor incite to the game with messages that relate to the game of chance with models of success, or superiority, social or with messages such as “you will change your life”.

Another of the novelties of the new draft have to do with the mixed commission of monitoring of these commercial communications, that from and after the date of its entry into force will integrate associations of consumers and users to ensure the compliance of the codes of conduct which is finally approved in the coming months.

Sources from the Ministry of Consumption argue that “the lived-experience during the state of alarm and the measures applied in the field of advertising of the game have put in evidence the risks of overexposure to the advertising of gambling and games of chance through means of mass communication and the internet”.