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José María Garzón moves the machinery of the bullring of the Four Roads so that there is Fair of Santiago in Santander . According to has been able to know ABC, the employer sevillian already has been in contact with some agent to probe if some of these figures would be willing to bullfighting at the July fair.

Garzón, who recently left the board of directors of Anoet, keep you in the coming days in talks with the city council of santander to address the issue and the options to give the cycle.

to perform this fair, it is hoped that changing those discriminatory measures nine square metres. The minister of Culture, José Manuel Rodríguez Uribes , said at the last Commission that he wanted “the bull again as soon as possible” and he threw the ball to the roof of Communities and Municipalities. Culture and Health will meet with the Foundation of the Toro de Lidia to address these measures.

it Is expected that in the phase 3 of desescalada , allows a capacity increased in the enclosures in the bullfighting arena, which would give wings to the celebration of the feria de Santander. The other ace in the hole is tv. Without forgetting that, given the conditions for the crisis of the Covid-19 and the action, all the parties would be willing to make efforts: from the administrations to the bull, with the order not to pass a year-and-white the engines of the Party still being active.