A new entertainment for Jean-Luc Reichmann. As the host celebrates the 12th anniversary of his show Les 12 coups de midi, he will take on the role of master of ceremonies on another playground: that of Game of Talents. Broadcast since 2021 on TF1, the entertainment (where several stars are conducting the investigation to unearth the talents of several candidates) was embodied by Jarry before his departure for France 2.

A new challenge for the flagship host of Europe’s leading channel, more fulfilled than ever after 22 years of collaboration. “I can never thank TF1 enough. I say it sincerely, I have total freedom, they don’t bother me”, assures the hero of Léo Mattei, in a press conference which Planet attended in mid-June at TF1. “I am very happy to be there. I want to surprise myself, I want to surprise again”.

While he was in Marseille for his series (whose filming will resume in September 2022), it was Flux’s program director, Rémi Faure, who wanted to surprise him by telephone, by offering to take over the animation of Game of Talents. A talent show format (acrobatics, pole dance, trampoline, etc.) that Jean-Luc Reichmann had already hosted in the past. “It’s quite funny because Game of Talents is the remix of the Identity comeback that I presented about fifteen years ago on TF1. And I knew this format was good”, explains to us the sexagenarian who slipped us to be a reader of Planet.

A great friend of actor Jarry, the host did not hesitate to call him to tell him the news. With this new role in Game of Talents, a program produced by Fremantle, Jean-Luc Reichmann brought his style to embody the game of investigation. Without cards or a desk, “I had a teleprompter to tell me where I was and I let go completely”, he assures us. “You’ll see, I’m amazed and I had a blast on this Game of Talents show”.

One thing is certain, the host intends to surprise viewers on Saturday July 16, with two teams of guests to conduct the investigation. On the one hand, Thierry Lhermitte, Jeanne Balibar and Antoine Duléry (who will represent the Foundation for Medical Research) and on the other Michèle Laroque, Alysson Paradis and Sofiane Chalal (for Les Restos du cœur).