There is gasoline again at service stations, but at what price? The generous rebates on fuel ended this Wednesday, November 16 and, if you can still benefit from a boost from the State, it is less advantageous than in recent weeks. On the government side, the aid went from 0.30 euro per liter to 0.10 euro for a liter of fuel, then it will be completely eliminated by December 31, 2022. With regard to TotalEnergies, the aid went from 0.20 euro per liter to 0.10 euro per liter of fuel and it will also stop on 31 December next.

Very bad news for the purchasing power of the French, which will not improve with the arrival of cold weather and therefore the increase in electricity or gas consumption. Should we again be afraid of prices at the pump from January 1? Not necessarily, because the government will bring new solutions to the French. In an interview with Les Echos, Elisabeth Borne mentioned the various investments provided for by the France 2030 plan. On this occasion, she mentioned new elements on future aid in service stations in France.

It is a “worker fuel allowance”, a name that does not mean much and that will not necessarily concern all French people. This track had been mentioned for several weeks in the press, in particular with regard to “big rollers” and “big workers”. We now know a little more about what is planned by the Executive to help you from the start of 2023. Who will be able to benefit from this new help? How will it materialize at the pump? For how long ? Here’s what we know.

In the columns of Les Echos, Elizabeth Borne explained: “This ‘worker’s allowance’ will benefit households in the first five deciles of income, i.e. half of households. They will benefit from a payment from the start of the year” . “We are still working on the planned scale, with the desire to significantly help those who make a long journey to work,” added the Prime Minister to the daily.

The Minister of Public Accounts Gabriel Attal for his part clarified that this new state aid will target “big rollers”, that is to say those who work by car. Elisabeth Borne clarified in this interview that the government had “the desire to significantly help those who make a long journey to go to work”. Regardless of the evolution of fuel prices, the aid will be paid, added the tenant of Matignon: “We could ask ourselves the question if oil prices collapsed, but it is still unlikely!”. When will this new aid be paid and above all… To whom exactly?

Who can be considered a high roller? For the moment, the government does not specify it, but the terms of payment of this aid should be communicated in the coming weeks. As Notre Temps recalls, the Minister of Public Accounts Gabriel Attal had mentioned the possibility of a website, allowing individuals to enter their car registration number to unlock aid “in a few days”. The scale mentioned by Elisabeth Borne is still being worked on with the government.

With Les Echos, the Prime Minister indicates that it could be paid very quickly, from the beginning of January. You will therefore have to act quickly if you can benefit from this aid, as soon as it has been approved by the government.