Panic at the pump. Many motorists have difficulty refueling. And for good reason: for ten days, employees of Total gas stations have been on strike for their wages. Faced with supply difficulties, drivers are embarking on a real hunt for the open station.

As Sud Ouest reminds us, the company Total Energies manages nearly one out of three service stations in France. If the company refuses to give the exact number of stations in shortage, “its online map shows that most of its 3,500 points of sale lack one or more fuels”, says the regional daily.

In the departments of Nord and Pas-de-Calais, exceptional fuel measures have been taken to stem the crisis. In a tweet, the prefecture of the Hauts-de-France region appeals to the good citizenship and responsibility of drivers by announcing:

According to La Voix du Nord, the authorities of the region have asked certain petrol stations to set up priority access for certain trades.

“In order to ensure the continuity of public service missions, the operators of the stations identified have been asked to set up priority access for the benefit of medical transport and health professionals with a professional doctor’s card or ‘nurse’, specifies the daily.

In fact, nearly twenty different professions are concerned. Check out the list in our slideshow below.