Driving on reserve means driving with the fear of breaking down at any time. However, in recent days, many French people have been forced to go through this. The reason: serious fuel supply difficulties throughout France. From North to South, many gas stations are dry, and motorists are sometimes forced to queue for hours to access the pump… Which turns out to be barely full.

This weekend, nearly 30% of the stations in the territory were thus facing shortages. In some regions, the percentage climbs to 45%.

An extremely tense situation which led the authorities to take some measures. In most prefectures, the filling of jerrycans and cans has been prohibited, and the full tank is limited to 30 liters of fuel per car.

However, despite these new provisions, many French people are still struggling to fill their gas tank.

This pushes some to test the limits of their vehicle in spite of themselves.

“I thought I had time to queue at a gas station, but no… I broke down 500 meters away,” explains a driver to TF1 newscast.

Breaking down: the eventuality could cost you dearly. Literally. Indeed, running out of fuel on the road is punishable by a fine on certain lanes, reports the media.

The areas in which motorists in a bad position could thus be fined are as follows, according to Me Jean-Baptiste le Dall, specialist in motor vehicle law, interviewed by TF1 Info:

These parking lots are indeed dangerous for traffic and for your own safety. A watchword: anticipate as much as possible the moment when your car will break down, and be particularly vigilant.