After the renewal of the strike at TotalEnergies announced on Monday by the CGT, the fuel shortage is taking its course. In addition to the direct impact on many individuals looking for gasoline to fill their cars, there could be even wider repercussions, in the form of other shortages for example… especially in supermarkets. And this for two main reasons.

After the successive heat waves this summer, farmers are facing another significant obstacle in the context of their production. Fuel shortages do not only affect gas stations where individuals flock, but also deliveries of GNR (non-road diesel) which run tractors and other agricultural machinery, according to BFMTV.

However, the timing could not be worse: indeed, we are currently in the midst of sowing and harvesting. Farmers also need GNR to feed their animals: the number of animals on farms means that the quantities of fodder needed to feed them are only transportable with the help of an engine.

Farmers therefore asked to be included in the list of priority professions for access to pumps, which seems legitimate given the enormous impact that a poor harvest would have due to a delay in the sowing schedule. Indeed, “there is no pause button with nature”, as this farmer from Yonne tweeted.

The supply of fresh produce to supermarkets would also be compromised by the shortage of fuel. Indeed, as La Dépêche reports, refrigerated trucks, essential for maintaining the cold chain, consume twice: by their engines, but also by the fridges they transport.

For now, professionals in these sectors are getting organized and still have enough reserves, but if the situation does not resolve quickly, a forced shutdown could take place in less than a week among farmers, according to francetv. Here is a list of products that could become scarce in supermarkets if the shortage persists…